WeirdPicks 1.2.1

Adds new special pickaxes to the game

  1. Bug Fix giving xppick

    Whoops, sorry about that one guys.

    v1.2.1 - 9/07/2018
    - Fixed /wpick give <name> xppick not working when a player excecuted command
  2. Experience Pickaxe

    Just a small quick one that was requested, so here you go :)

    XP multiplier is now in the config aswell as the normal pickaxe configs, so that means that the config will have to regen, just a heads up that it will regen to default values. So you will need to change it again.

    v1.2.0 - 3/07/2018
    - Added Experience Pickaxe
  3. Bug Fixes

    v1.1.4 - 28/05/2018
    - Fixed Fortune BPick smelting ores
    - Fixed Non Silk BPick dropping Ink Sacs instead of Lapis Lazuli
    - Fixed LAxe not working on the block the sapling was placed
    - Fixed Explosive Pickaxe not counting blocks correctly
  4. Fixes

    v1.1.3 - 23/05/2018
    - Fixed Redstone not dropping correctly in some cases
    - Fixed Bountiful pickaxe not acting as silk touch when it had been enchanted with silk touch
    - Fixed Bountiful pickaxe acting as silk touch pickaxe when it shouldn't be
    - All pickaxes now ignore blocks placed by the player
    - Explosive Bountiful pickaxe no longer counts blocks outside of region for drops (Thank you to ScarabCoder)
    - Retuned fortune a little bit, it is a little less fortunate now
  5. EZBlocks Support

    So when I fixed the plugin not respecting WorldGuard, I forgot to put code in some places, now that code is in those places. Also now the special tools support EZBlocks block break counter, explosive, explosive bountiful and lumberjacks axe now add the blocks exploded and came toppling down when you broke the bottom log.

    v1.1.2 - 6/05/2018
    - Added support for EZBlocks
    - Fixed Explosive Bountiful pickaxes still breaking blocks outside of regions.
  6. Bug Fixes

    Sorry about these issues guys, but they should be fixed now :)

    v1.1.1 - 4/05/2018
    - Fixed tools turning into untextured items for earlier version of Minecraft
    - Fixed error when breaking blocks with hand
    - Fixed Lumberjack Axe taking double durability.
  7. Version Checker/Auto-updater swap

    Explanation time, so I was using old code for the auto-updater, little did I know that spigot had actually moved their API and changed the way you check versions, so I just rewrote the whole module, it was easier haha. What makes it even better, is I knocked off about 10kb off the file size. I couldn't really test the old one cause I didn't have my link to test it, but now that I did, I have thoroughly tested it and it works great now. Love you guys

    v1.1.0 - 3/05/2018
    - Changed auto-updater...
  8. Supporting older server versions

    v1.0.2 - 3/05/2018
    - Added changelog.txt
    - Made console colourful
    - Added support for earlier server versions (Not thoroughly tested. Please let me know asap so I can add further support)
  9. Auto-Updater

    As annoying as it is, the auto-updater uses the link, that doesn't generate until after you upload the plugin, so this is the update to add the link to allow the updating. :)