Welcome 1.5

Welcome players to your server every time.

  1. SoF Update

    SoF = Sign of Life

    This plugin aint dead.
    Works on all versions that support titles and also works with the latest titleapi.

    If you run an older version of titleapi and the current 1.4+ wont work for you try a 1.0-1.3 build which is build on an older titleapi build
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  2. Made %player% accually return player name

    Title says it all.
  3. Remade.

    - Removed the permission
    * Completely redone the plugin
    + Added more options
    + Added first time joining(Requested in discussion)

    Code (Text):
      firsttime: '&3Welcome &9%player%'
      firstsub: '&3Hope you like to play on the server'
      jointitle: '&3Welcome back %player%'
      joinsub: '&9Its good to see you again :)'
      fadein: 2
      stay: 5
      fadeout: 2
      delay: 6 #Time in seconds before the title shows up
    My advice is to delete the old config and let it...
  4. Additional config settings and commands.

    This update brings a reload option from ingame. /welcome reload

    Permission: welcome.reload

    Not much has changed otherwise :)
  5. Config fix

    Fixes config issues where it didnt show up in the plugin folder