Welcome 1.8

a Lot of way to say Hello or Welcome with title and action bar

  1. xXPitch13Xx

    Work with spigot 1.8,1.8.1
    Without API !!!!

    !! ATTENTION !!
    Remove your Config.yml

    Change with the new Welcome.jar
    Start/Restart your Server

    *you can choose for different way to join/quit the game*
    *you can choose on Welcome message (First time)*
    *you can choose to add TitleBar to Welcome message*
    *you can choose to add ActionBar to Welcome message*
    *you can choose to add ActionBar dayMessage*
    and more..


    This is a plugin for you !
    • The plugin work without API (integrate )
    • Custom message with (Welcome: '&7Welcome to &6%player')
    • /wreload to reload the message from config file
    • Message send to reload (Reload: '&2Configuration file reloaded!')
    • On/Off the plugin with (Message: true/false)
    • if the player want reload the plugin ('&4you don't have the permission (welcome.reload)'
    • The permission is welcome.reload
    • /wsee - to see the Welcome message
    • /wset (Welcome to %player) - config In game
    • Custom ALL TEXT !!
    • Custom MOTD of the server ! you don't need /reload after do it
    • JoinMessage: ON: True <== put False if you don't want Custom Join and Quit Message !
    • Custom JOIN message !
    • Custom QUIT message !
    • Custom Prefix !
    • Variable %player added for Join, Quit and Welcome message !
    • Write available for all &k, &l, &o, &i, &r, &m, &n, &1, &2, ...
    • You can Choose with TitleEnable: True/False (&6&lSERVER)
    • You can Choose SubtitleEnable: True/false (&4&mWelcome Here)
    • Custom WelcomeMessage for Title
    • Custom WelcomeMessage SubTitle
    • Support available is &l&m&o&i&n and other Color &1&2&3..
    • /wseemotd - to see Motd in your server
    • /wsetmotd &3My Server is a best - to set the motd in game. now, you don't need to reload your server, just refresh.

    Added :
    • Custom ActionBar Welcome Message
    • Enable or Disable ActionBar thank to Enable: true/false
    • Custom Player Join/left on ActionBar (if you want) [%player = PlayerName]

    To help me Vote and Click on Donate Please :DD

    now, I thinks Its the last update. (without any bug)
    Tell me now :)
    Note: I'm French and it's my First Plugin on Spigot, if you find any bugs please send me the message I will fixe them.



Recent Reviews

  1. Xu_wznln
    Version: 1.8
    Excellent plugin! Light weight! Different kinds of welcome messages! Please update to 1.9!