WelcomeJoin 1.1

A Spigot plugin for sending titles when player joins server.

  1. aha00
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    WelcomeJoin is very simple plugin for show title and subtitle when player joins server.

    • First join welcome Title and Subtitle
    • Reset player's health on join
    • Reset player's food on join

    • "/wj reload" - reload the config.yml file
    • "/wj show" - show title and subtitle

    Code (YAML):
    # Any text can contain format char '&'
    # Placeholders: {player_name}

    : 'Welcome Title, {player_name}'

    : 'Welcome Subtitle'

       # The time it takes for the title to fade into the screen (in seconds)
    : 1.0

       # The time it takes for the title to stay on the screen (in seconds)
    : 3.0

       # The time it takes for the title to fade out of the screen (in seconds)
    : 1.0

    # Set player's health to max
    : true

    # Set player's food to max
    : true


    This plugin is installed as standard as all Spigot plugins:

    1. Copy the plugin to the plugins directory
    2. Start the server (or restart)
    3. Edit the config.yml file from the WelcomeJoin directory
    4. Reload the plugin with the command "/wj reload"

    This plugin does not have permissions. It is assumed that the plugin will be used to work with other plugins that will set the list of allowed commands.

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