WelcomePro [Open Source] v2.0.0

Show your players a fancy welcome message when they join the server.

  1. Dev_Richard

    This plugin displays a fully-configurable welcome message (that fills up the entire chat window) for a player when they join and adds a configurable Message of the Day. The server name is displayed at the top and is also configurable. The plugin is open source and free. All the downloads and files are stored on BukkitDev.

    I will be programming custom plugins starting at $10. PM with the concept of the plugin you want and I will give you an estimate.

    A video tutorial/overview by me

    Due to the relatively simple nature of this plugin there are only three permissions:

    * WelcomePro.welcome (View the message)
    * WelcomePro.admin (configure everything)

    The commands are only needed for administrators. Below is a list of the commands:

    /wp set <servername|messagetype|line1|line2|line3> <value>

    The max length for the servername is 20 characters and the max length for the lines is 35 characters each (you can have a message up to 105 characters long total). The messagetype determines whether "Message of the Day" is displayed before your message. There are only two acceptable values for this; "message" (meaning message of the day is not displayed) and "motd" (meaning message of the day will be displayed).

    /wp version

    This command simply tells you the version of the plugin.

    Support this Plugin

    If you enjoy this plugin and would like to support there are many things you can do and anyone of them would be greatly appreciated:
    • Check out some of the other stuff I have created. (in the "My Other Stuff" section)
    • Share this plugin with people you know and on forums
    • Give suggestions for this plugin in the comments
    • Subscribe to my YouTube channel
    • Follow me on Twitter @Glorif22
    • Donate

    My Other Stuff
    Below is some other things I have programmed. If they look interesting to you please check them out, I am always happy to receive feedback on what I create!

    Minecraft Mods:

    Bukkit/Spigot Plugins:

    Planned Features
    • Seperate Groups - If anyone knows a good commonly used permissions api please suggest it
    • A config file
    • The ability to customize the color of all the pieces of the welcome message.

    Source Code
    I have posted the source code to this plugin on my Github. Please note that it is only for education purposes and I do not permit cloning of my mods or plugins. The repository is below:

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Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fix
  2. Formatting Code Support
  3. Small Feature Update