WelcomeTabTitle 1.0

Showing a title, and tab header / footer to players

  1. Arektor
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    (This plugin should work for 1.8.4 and higher. Only tested in 1.8.8)
    WelcomeTabTitle is a little plugin I initially made for myself, that may be very cool for some servers.
    It uses the TabAPI of InventiveTalents internally (so no need to get the TabListAPI plugin too !), and what it allows you is :
    • Show a little title - with subtitles if you want - at players connection.
    • Show a tab header and footer at players connection. This is updated when a player change world and when somebody join / left the server.
    The tab header / footer supports several lines. You can separate them by a #.

    All of this may contains the following placeholders:
    • %playername% : The name of the player.
    • %playercount% : The amount of connected players on the server.
    • %maxslot% : The maximum slots of the server.
    • %worldname% : The name of the current world of the player. Updated when switching world.
    • %gamemode% : The current gamemode of the player. Updated when switching gamemode.
    • %health% : The maximum HP level of the player.

    But, nothing is as worth as a screen, so here it is!

    As this plugin uses the TabListAPI internally, plugins that use it will work, but may not start because of the dependency. So, this is NOT a replacement, and you may still need the API.

    Any feedback, suggestion or comment will be appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. BirminghamBoy
    Version: 1.0
    Very customizable, great plugin! Finally found a decent title plugin. Keep up the good work!
  2. PieC
    Version: 1.0
    Excellent, Definitely best Title plugin on spigot.... Rated 5 star. Just downloaded, Its Awesome! I hope this gets a lot of views/downloads! -Nolan
    1. Arektor
      Author's Response
      Thanks ;) If you have any idea to improve it, tells me! (I will obviously quote you for this, because it will be your idea :P)