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  1. Updated API to MojangAPI

    Since the old McAPI sadly went offline/stopped service i had to change it to another one.

    Now using MojangAPI to get information
    *Requires now to activate Query*
  2. Updated Download Link

    The download is now on MEGA
  3. Added Back Buttons to AuthMe pages

    - added back buttons to homepage
  4. Added AuthMe Reloaded

    - added authme login page
    - added authme register page
    (idea: alperbasri12)
    - updated screenshot section
    - added authme screenshots
  5. BIG UPDATE: Show your servers player info live on the website

    - added McAPI by @ItsYive
    - added example for the mcapi
    - updated live demo
  6. Added loading page

    - Added loading page (redirects to dashboard after x seconds)
  7. Added error pages

    - added 404 (Not Found)
    - added 500 (internal server error)
    - added 502 (bad gateway)
    - added 503 (service anavailable)
    - added 504 (gateway timout)

    - added in all .php comments to make it easier for you to edit the page

    <!-- Copy&Paste from HERE to (1)--> ..
    <!-- HERE to create a new row -->
  8. Added new pages

    - added about us page
    - added team page
    - added specs page
    - added example gamemode page
    - added link below map preview
  9. Favicon was missing

    - Added Favicon