WellWorld v1.13

Imagine waking up one day and having your house surrounded by walls... really big walls

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    The story
    Imagine waking up one day, in Minecraft, and finding yourself surrounded by walls. These walls are not the ones your friends griefed you with but ones that reach all the way to the sky. You are trapped, surrounded... all alone... or are you? Did you just see somebody poking their head out of one of those little doors WAY up there? I wonder if they will be friendly?

    Waking up on WellWorld

    The backstory
    During my recent break from CityWorld, I have been going over my collection of world generator attempts. Most of them are pretty darn unexciting.. or too weird to do anything with. In addition I have been surfing to see what my fellow world creators have been up to. There are a number of cool ideas out there but they all suffer CityWorld included) from one little problem.. eventually the generator repeats itself and the world gets boring.

    It got me thinking of old notion: The WellWorld.
    The mod concept is based on a science fiction series by Jack L. Chalker called WellWorld? In it, the "world" divided up into a series of hexagonal regions, each with their wildly different environments for different alien civilizations... It is part zoo and part UN. A good read if you are into grand science fiction.

    Anyway, in addition to the "boring" problem, one of the most difficult things about creating a world generator is making it capable of creating wildly different environments, alas all of those different environments cannot be next to each other or they look weird. Thus we have to create smoothing tech to allow deserts gradually turn into swamps and then into mountains and then into seas.

    It dawned on me that dividing the world into large square regions (this is Minecraft after all) with walls of obsidian (or bedrock if you want to be "hard core"). Then populate those regions with wildly different environments. Heck, the Nether (big box with a roof) could be next door to a region that is completely filled with water, next to a crystal world made of glass ground with thin-glass trees. :) Poof... both the smoothing and boring problems goes away.


    p.s. There are little doors (or maybe not) near the top of the walls to allow you to go from one well to the next

    p.s.s. See the Bukkit site for more info about all the worldgenerators included and who contributed to the effort.


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