WetSponge API - Simplifying Development 2.3.4

Develop plugins for any Server Version (Spigot & Sponge)

  1. Too many changes to remember

    As far as I can list...
    • WSItemStack Serializer - Now we can store and load full item stacks and its NBTTags.
    • Full Packet API - We are able to send, receive and modify minecraft packets. Sending 1.12 particles from a 1.8 server it's really awesome :p.
    • Skulls API - Well, it seems that we forgot to add the possibility to create mobs and players skulls.
    • MultiInventories - That's something we were using on others of ours plugins. Now we can create connected and paginated inventories.
    • All materials have been added.
    • All minecraft events have been added.
    Also we've migrated the project to use Gradle instead of Maven.
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