WetSponge API - Simplifying Development 2.3.4

Develop plugins for any Server Version (Spigot & Sponge)

  1. New update!

    Fixed a bug on the timings message.
    Fixed a severe bug found in the itemstack durability system.
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  2. New update!

    Fixed an error on the spigot tabulator system.
    Fixed an error on SpigotTeam.
    Fixed some timings messages.
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  3. New update!


    • 1.13.1 support.
    • NPC system has been improved. Now it uses WSHumans instead of WSPlayers.
    • Packet WSSPacketUseBed added.

    • Hastebin paste has been fixed.
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  4. New update!

    • New timings system. Now you can use the command /wetsponge timings to control the consume of WetSponge plugins. This new system doesn't depend from Aikar timings.
    • Added method setCustomName to WSSPacketEntityMetadata.
    • Added methods setClimbing and isClimbing to WSSpider.
    • Added method getFallDistance and setFallDistance to WSEntity.
    • PlaceholderAPI parser should work better now.
    • Fixed some bugs on the packet updater system...
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  5. New update!

    This update fixes some errors that appeared in old versions of minecraft. It also changes some internal ItemStacks' methods.
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  6. New update!

    • New skin API. Now you can upload skins into Minecraft.net using the website https://mineskin.org and use them in skins, heads...
    • Added method getEntitiSize into WSEntity.
    • Added new packets: WSSPlayerListItem and WSSPacketEntityEquipment.
    • Added new entities: Husk, Stray and Shulker.
    • Fixed some bugs on the packet system.
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  7. New update!

    • Fixed a major bug that crashes the sertver when a chunk is generated.
    • Now materials have the methods equals and hashCode.
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  8. New update!

    • Better logger API. Now WetSponge plugins can send errors and debug messages. Debug messages will only appear if the node 'debug' is enabled in the file wetSpongeConfig.yml.
    • Added support for dolphins and parrots.
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error to appear when a NBTTagCompound was being deserialized.
    • Fixed a bug that created a StackTraceError when a block was being updated.
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  9. New update!

    WARNING! Minecraft 1.13 is still very unstable. Don't use it on a live server yet!
    Old WetSponge plugins may not work if they use the old material system!

    • Added Minecraft 1.13 support. This is still VERY UNSTABLE. Bug reports are welcome!
    • Material API has been reworked. This is the biggest change on this version. Plugins that use the old material API must update! This new API works using interfaces and an implementation on every type of server, allowing a better...
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  10. WetSponge Modularized and almost ready for 1.13!

    • Changed to a modular system to make it easier to implement new server versions.
    • WSBlockRay API - Raycast to get blocks in a direction (player, entity or location).
    • Changed WetSponge license from Apache to MIT.
    • Sponge is back in town, fixed the problem with the latest version.
    • New getPermissions method, so you can get all the permissions a player has.
    • Small bugfixing.
    • Improvements on Minecraft 1.13 support. Waiting for Spigot 1.13 to release its version to finish...
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