WetSponge API - Simplifying Development 2.3.4

Develop plugins for any Server Version (Spigot & Sponge)

  1. New update!

    - Added 2 new APIs!
    - The WorldBorder API allows to fully edit the WorldBorder of a World.
    - The map API: this new powerful API allows devs to edit maps just like it was an image!

    - Now the BossBar API works on old versions of Minecraft (1.8).

    - Better world system. Now can force chunks to save.
    - Better event manager. This should fix some bugs.

    - Other little bugs fixed.
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  2. 1.0 Final Release - Official Launch

    We consider that WetSponge is ready for its oficial launch. So here it is!
    • Added some method to WSWorld, allowing to forcefully unload all chunks in a world.
    • Added the option to force CommandSources to execute commands.
    • Some bugfixes for the oficial release.
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  3. New update!

    - Fixed setDetonator method in WSPrimedTNT.
    - Fixed setTarget method in SpigotCreature and SpongeAgent.
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  4. Bugfixing

    Well, it seems that we are near the birth of a Release Candidate version.

    This is a lil' but big update which includes the next main things:
    • Better Task System
    • Lil' HeadDatabase fixed on Spigot 1.12
    • Fixed some little bugs
    • Added some estructural changes to include some new things on the api
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  5. New update!

    - WetSponge now works on Sponge 1.12.2 7.1.0 BETA 2.
    - Added method addItem in WSInventory.
    - Added all noteblock sounds.

    - Reworked all the Sponge Inventory system. Now works with NMS.
    - Better WSTrade system.

    - Fixed bug in SpongeMovementListener (Fake block system)
    - Fixed incorrect id for Totem.
    - Fixed WSItemTypeDyeColor data converter in Sponge.
    - Removed all debug messages.
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  6. New update!

    Bugfixes again!
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  7. New update!

    This update just fixes some bugs in the WSItemStack system.
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  8. New update!

    - Added all blocks.
    - New events for explosions.
    - Bugfixes.
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  9. EXPLOSIOOOOOONS!!!!! - Terry Crews

    • Modified how the Creepers "works", letting devs customize them in a better way
    • Added the TNT Entity also with a new system to check its properties
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  10. New update!

    New Schematic system. Now you can create Schematics using the class WSSchematic!
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