WetSponge API - Simplifying Development 2.3.4

Develop plugins for any Server Version (Spigot & Sponge)

  1. Bugfixes

    Some bugfixes and optimizations.
    Started a Disguise API
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  2. 0.3.1 and 0.3.2 BETA update.

    Big bugfix update!
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  3. BungeeCord support!

    • Added a new WorldEdit system - not completed
    • Better BungeeCord support
    • Added new entities and items
    • More events and packets added
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  4. 0.2.2-BETA

    • Fixed a potential bug in the Spigot injector.
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  5. 0.2.1-BETA

    • Hunger Event
    • Bugfixes
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  6. Update to 0.2-BETA

    • Scoreboards
    • Enable Async Editing on Spigot
    • Villagers Fixed on Spigot 1.8
    • WSText Split and Fixes
    • Brand new World System (easier chunk loading/unloading)
    • New Error Report system
    • More entities added
    • Better Sponge compatibility
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  7. Time to launch the β !!

    We are glad to announce that WetSponge it's fully usable although you should not use it on a production server yet as it should be tested.

    This update comes with:
    • A new command system - ramified commands will let developers create awesome commands in an easy way, having a cleaner workspace
    • More entities and mobs, and also the Fireworks system.
    • Many bugs fixed and features added as we found/needed during the development of other plugins.
    With this update comes one of...
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  8. 0.15-ALPHA

    • More ItemTypes added
    • More entities.
    • More methods in entities.
    • More packets.
    • Better events.
    • Better packets system.
    • Ghost Entities. (sent by packets)
    • Ghost Blocks. (sent by packets)
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  9. Too many changes to remember

    As far as I can list...
    • WSItemStack Serializer - Now we can store and load full item stacks and its NBTTags.
    • Full Packet API - We are able to send, receive and modify minecraft packets. Sending 1.12 particles from a 1.8 server it's really awesome :p.
    • Skulls API - Well, it seems that we forgot to add the possibility to create mobs and players skulls.
    • MultiInventories - That's something we were using on others of ours plugins. Now we can create connected and paginated...
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  10. New update!

    Updated to 0.13-ALPHA. This update fixes a lot of bugs and add more documentation. It also adds more methods.
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