WGTreeFarmFlag 1.2.15

This plugin adds a custom flag to WorldGuard to create simple tree farms.

  1. S_Ryan

    WGTreeFarmFlag adds a custom flag to WorldGuard which can be used to make simple tree farms!

    Last Update:
    • Added usage perms: wgtreefarmflag.use.treefarm and wgtreefarmflag.use.mushroomfarm.
    • Added config option -> require-perms.
    • Players will need those perms to use treefarms and/or mushroomfarms if the require-perms option is toggled.
    • Effortless setup. Seriously, the config doesn't have to be touched.
    • Minimalist design.
    • Can be applied to virtually any region: creating a tree farm from a bunch of trees OR mushrooms!
    • Up-to-date! Unlike the plugin this was inspired by (not meaning offense), this one is updated.
    • Now has two types of farms: normal tree farms and giant mushroom farms!
    How to use:
    • To install, simply install the dependencies, and load the WGTreeFarmFlag.jar in your server's plugin folder.
    • If you have never used WGCustomFlags before, and you are getting it for the use of this plugin, you will want to change the WGCustomFlags' setting save-handler to flat for an easy setup.
    • WGTreeFarmFlag does not protect the region from normal building/breaking! This should be done using the build flag.
    • Tree farms are made using the flag tree-farm. The default value for this flag is DENY. If you want the region to be a tree farm, set it to ALLOW.
    • Once a region is a tree farm, trees will be breakable, tree bases will be replaced by saplings (which cannot be broken), and leaves will be allowed to decay. Don't worry about setting the leaf-decay flag in a tree farm region!
    • Giant mushroom farms are made using the mushroom-farm flag. The default value for this flag is DENY. If you want to make the region a Giant mushroom farm, set it to ALLOW.
    • After setting/unsetting a region as a tree/mushroom farm, you must do /wgtreefarmflag reload to update the interval growers!
    • Giant mushrooms are considered trees, but they function very differently. They are very difficult to grow naturally and require specific conditions, so to artificially grow them, use the interval grower!


    • /wgtreefarmflag Base command for WGTreeFarmFlag commands. Also displays basic plugin information.
    • /wgtreefarmflag help Lists all the WGTreeFarmFlag commands.
    • /wgtreefarmflag reload Reloads the plugin, and re-check for tree/mushroom farms.
    • wgtreefarmflag.help Gives access to the help command.
    • wgtreefarmflag.reload Gives access to the reload command.
    • wgtreefarmflag.saplingbreak This one is explained in the config.
    • wgtreefarmflag.mushroombreak This one is also explained in the config.
    • wgtreefarmflag.use.treefarm This perm is required to use tree farms if the require-perms option is enabled.
    • wgtreefarmflag.use.mushroomfarm This perm is required to use mushroom farms if the require-perms option is enabled.


    Code (Text):
    #WGTreeFarmFlag Default Config

    #If this is set to true, players will need the wgtreefarmflag.use.treefarm and/or wgtreefarmflag.use.mushroomfarm perms to use the respective farms.
    require-perms: false

    #WorldGuard blocks the usage of shears (due to them being a tool).
    #Note: WorldGuard also blocks bonemeal.
    #This only sets if shears will drop a leaves block or not (if WorldGuard allows the use).
    allow-shears: true

    #If this is true, users with the wgtreefarmflag.saplingbreak permission will be able to break saplings in tree farms.
    #Having this to false protects saplings from accidental breakage.
    allow-saplingbreak-with-perm: false

    #Same thing as saplingbreak but for mushrooms.
    allow-mushroombreak-with-perm: false

    #Turns on sapling interval grower.
    enable-sapling-interval-growth: false

    #Turns on mushroom interval grower.
    enable-mushroom-interval-growth: true

    #These are the intervals on which the growers will try to grow trees/giant mushrooms.
    sapling-growth-interval: 180
    mushroom-growth-interval: 180

    #These are the chances the interval growers have of turning a sapling/mushroom into an adult.
    sapling-growth-chance: 25
    mushroom-growth-chance: 25

    #All the message strings can be configured here.
    #If a string is a list, it can only be used as a list. If it is not; it is not.
      commandNonExistant: '&cThat command does not exist.'
      cannotBreakMushroom: '&8[&6Tree Farm&8] &cYou need to let mushrooms grow!'
      cannotBreakSapling: '&8[&6Tree Farm&8] &cYou need to let the saplings grow!'
      - '&6[WGTreeFarmFlag] &7Commands:'
      - '&cUsage: /treefarm <command>'
      - '&chelp  &7View a list of all WGTreeFarmFlag commands.'
      - '&creload  &7Reload the plugin.'
      - '&6[WGTreeFarmFlag] &7Version: %version%'
      - '&6[WGTreeFarmFlag] &7By S_Ryan.'
      noPermission: '&cYou do not have permission for that command.'
      reloaded: '&6[WGTreeFarmFlag] &7Successfully reloaded.'

    #enable/disable the debugger
    debug: false

    #This determines to what extent the debugger will display information (can be set to 1-4).
    debug-level: 2

    #Header the debugger uses to display debug messages to the console.
    debug-header: '&6WGTreeFarmFlag->&cdebug&6> &r'

    The graphics are by idkallie.

    WGTreeFarmFlag (the inspiration):
    I would like to give credit to the original WGTreeFarmFlag which I was inspired by. Please note this is not a copy nor updated version of that other plugin. This is an entirely from-scratch separate plugin that was inspired by the previous.

    I have added this project to GitHub. It can be found here.

    You can contact me either through the plugin discussion or private message. If you desperately need to talk to me, feel free to add me on skype (spencer.ryan.c). Be sure to mention why you're adding me.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added require-perms config option
  2. Added Farm Perms
  3. Code Changes

Recent Reviews

  1. MetaSteel
    Version: 1.2.15
    This plugin doesn't update player's tools' durability correctly, but instead modifies other blocks and items the player may be holding when they make use of the farm(s).
  2. Bolean
    Version: 1.2.11
    thanks for this app i srsly need this one add more features please like Titles subtitles and actionbars
    1. S_Ryan
      Author's Response
      Why would I add those?
  3. Slebu
    Version: 1.1.32
    I will have a look what could cause it on my server whenever I can. I did not have this bug with the old old version made by someone else. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Slebu
    Version: 1.0.3
    I have one issue with this, the sapling respawns but sometimes it disappears after some time? Could you cancel this event on the treefarm region?

    1. S_Ryan
      Author's Response
      After investigation, it must be something else that is causing that. That is not a normal event. It is not my plugin causing it nor vanilla mechanics.