WhatIsThis - Identify the block you are looking at | 1.13 - 1.16 | Multi-Language support | 3.0

Easily get the name of a block and the items it drops displayed in your local language

  1. Version 3.0 update

    This update is for Spigot / Minecraft 1.13 - 1.16.1, and is compiled using Spigot API 1.16.1.

    This update provides support for Minecraft 1.16.1 by updating the language files to include the new nether items.

    Change Log
    • update language files to 1.16.1
    • add twisting and weeping vines to variable drop items
    • refactor action bar to remove deprecated method
    • update bstats to 1.7

    Please report any issues found preferably on GitHub...
  2. Version 2.9 update

    This update is for Spigot / Minecraft 1.13 - 1.15.1, and is compiled using Spigot API 1.15.1.

    This is a small update which fixes the console error when starting the server when the plugin fails to check if there is a new update available on Spigot.

    The nms code has been replaced by using the Chat Component API. The action bar is now available on all servers running 1.13 to 15.1.

    Change Log
    • fix version checker
    • replace nms with chat component api
    • allow servers on...
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  3. Version 2.8 update

    This update adds support for Minecraft/Spigot 1.15.

    Version 2.8 will run on Minecraft/Spigot version 1.13 to 1.15, although the action bar option is not available on 1.13.

    Change Log
    • added support for 1.15
    • updated nms to support multiple versions
    • fix for large_fern not dropping seeds (MC-160123)
    • fix for attached stems not dropping seeds (MC-136360)
    • fix language translation not working if Slimefun4 is enabled
    • update language files to 1.15

  4. Version 2.7 update

    This is a bug fix release.

    It fixes an issue where changes to the config file were being lost when running the /wt reload command. Thanks to Resley Nation for the report.
  5. Version 2.6 update

    This update is for Minecraft / Spigot 1.13 and 1.14.

    This update includes support for the machines and items in the plugin Slimefun4 . Big thanks to TheBusyBiscuit, for this.

    Change Log
    • added support for slimefun4
    • updated language files to 1.14.4

    Please report any issues found preferably on GitHub or Discord -...
  6. Version 2.5 update

    This update adds a toggle command is enable and disable the right-click option without needing to manually edit the config.yml file.

    Both the reload and toggleclick commands can now be run on the console.

    Change Log

    • New /wt toggleclick command
    • Allow console to run toggleclick and reload command
    • Add permission based auto tab-completer for commands
    • Update language files to 1.14.3

    Please report any...
  7. Version 2.4 update

    Change Log
    1. Add option to right-click with empty hand. Set item to AIR on NONE in the config.yml.

    2. Update the simplified language files to Minecraft 1.14.2.
  8. Version 2.3 update

    This update is for Minecraft / Spigot 1.13 and 1.14.

    The update includes options to display the targeted block using the ActionBar or the BossBar as well the default scoreboard option. The ActionBar option is only available on Minecraft / Spigot 1.14+.

    The text colour for the messages and the BossBar colour can be set in the config.yml.

    Change Log:
    1) add option to use ActionBar (1.14 only)
    2) add option to use BossBar
    3) code refactor to cater for multiple display...
  9. Version 2.2 update for 1.14

    This update is specifically for Minecraft / Spigot 1.14, but is also supported on 1.13.2. It includes the updated Mojang language files for 1.14 and relies more on Block#getDrops() which is less bugggy in 1.14.

    Change Log:
    • update language files to 1.14
    • update item list that can sometimes drop zero items
    • always load en_us lang file as a fallback if there is no available translation
    • revert change to drop 1.13 support and add a separate enum class for 1.13
    • refactor of the...
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  10. Version 2.1 update

    Added a configuration option to only load the language files that you require. If you know your players only use a particular language, then just load that one language file. This will be more efficient when the server loads.

    I would recommend also loading the default English language in case the translation is not present in the local language file.
    So, for example, if you only wanted Spanish then your config option would look like this:
    Code (YAML):
    - es_es
    - en_us