Wheel Of Fortune [GUI] 3.2

the plugin allows users the chance to spin a Wheel of Fortune

  1. LadyHaley sujjestions

    Here's your update!

    Also added a readme file, please read it.

    P.S. please feed me a coffee :D
  2. WheelOfFortune- premium?

    1.15.2 compatible!

    • you can now specify enchantments, item names & metadata in the config
    • you can now choose the chances on reward levels.
    • Items can now be added to the config file in-game, with the use of:
      /wofAdd [common|uncommon|rare|legendary|mythical] <amount>
    Bug Fixes:
    • fixed players able to pick items from the spin dialog....
  3. WheelOfFortune 1.7.10

    This version is untested and may contain bugs!

    I have rebuilt this for 1.7.10 on request.
  4. Minor feature add

    Added to the give spin message instructions to use /spin to use the ticket.
  5. YML isn't fun

    YML isn't fun
  6. YML fixes

    yeah tab /= space.