WickedSkyWars 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1

Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

  1. haxtormoogle
    A complete rewrite of the original abandoned Skywars Plugin from the ground up, using the original as a support template as the code is rewritten.

    Notice This plugin is undergoing heavy recoding

    Noob Installation Instructions
    Download SkyWars.jar and put it in your plugins/ directory
    Place your schematics in the plugins/SkyWars/schematics directory
    Set the lobby with /sw setlobby
    Place stone pressure plate in the lobby world for players to join a game
    ( More info on how to use new map creation tools)

    Advanced Setup instructions

    (to be written)

    Config Example
    Code (Text):
      # The world of the lobby spawn
      world: world
      # The spawn coordinates (X Y Z and additionally yaw and pitch)
      spawn: 0 64 0
      # The lobby radius. 0 for global.
      radius: 0
      # Delay in seconds for game to start without full player count -1 for dont start
      start-delay: -1
      # Minimum number of players needed before /sw-start can be used. dont make less then 2
      min-start-player-count: 2
      # Cost to use /sw start
      sw-start-cost: 5
      # Max time game will wait for more players to join in seconds
      max-wait-time: 180
      # Seconds till game starts when player uses /sw start command, Gives players chance to buy kits.
      force-start-time: 21

        # Max number of game play worlds to create. You are insane to set this high
        max-worlds: 12
        # Max number of spots in the world that are playable. This must be a perfect square nuber!
        #                                                     Stay in school kids you might learn something....
        # World is setup as a big grid. Setting this low will result in multiple worlds being used and may cause lag!
        max-games-per-world: 10000
        # Allow fire spread in game world?
        enable-fire-spread: false
        # Enable rain? or storms?
        enable-weather: false
        # Do you want monsters to spawn?
        enable-monster-spawn: false
        # Ticks per monster spawn, leave at 0 if you have monster spawn to false
        ticks-per-monster-spawn: 0
        # Do you want animals to spawn?
        enable-animal-spawn: false
        # Ticks per animal spawn, leave at 0 if you have animal spawn to false
        ticks-per-animal-spawn: 0
        # Height that schematics will be pasted at.
        game-paste-height: 100
    # The allowed radius the player can move in beyond the map
    island-buffer: 50 #experiment with this
      # Score per kill
      per-kill: 3
      # Score per win
      per-win: 10
      # Score on death
      on-death: -1
      # Score on leave
      on-leave: -1
      # Score modifier for groups
          per-kill: 3
          per-win: 10
          on-death: -1
          on-leave: -1
    # In game scoreboard settings.
        #enabling this causes some lag for larger servers with many players.
        block-place: false
    # Optional schematic specific configuration
        # The minimum amount of players for the timer to start
        min-players: 2
        # The count down timer before the game starts
        timer: 11
    # Unused at the moment
      # Statistics update interval
      update-interval: 600
      # Top X to be shown on the signs
      top: 30
    # Whether to use SQL or flat file for storage (FILE or SQL)
    data-storage: SQL
    # Requires data-storage to be set to SQL
      hostname: localhost
      port: 3306
      username: username
      password: password
      database: database
      version: UUID_V1

    # Whether to build the schematic instead of pasting it straight in
    # This happens to freeze clients due to the chunk updates
      enabled: true
      # The interval in ticks (1 tick = aprox. 50ms)
      interval: 1
      # The amount of blocks per tick
      blocks-per-tick: 20
    # Whether to have the plugin put in the glass cages, disable this if you
    # use your own cages in the schematics. This has to be enabled when using
    # the island-building feature.
    build-cages: true
    # Whether to ignore AIR in the schematics (could leave some gaps in some schematics when enabled,
    # does improve pasting speed though).
    ignore-air: false
    # Whether to fill empty chests with the contents of chest.yml. Disable this if you want to use
    # schematics it preset chest contents.
    fill-empty-chests: true
    # Whether to fill already populated chests with the contents of chest.yml.
    fill-populated-chests: false
    # Whether to use the economy of the server to figure as score
    use-economy: false
    # Set this to true to disable sound effects durring count down
    enable-soundeffects: false
    # Whether the chat formatting should be handled by a different plugin (e.g. EssentialsChat)
    chat-handled-by-other-plugin: false
    # Whether to clear inventory upon game join
    clear-inventory-on-join: true
    # Whether to save the inventory game join and to restore it on game leave
    save-inventory: false
    # Commands which should be allowed to be used in a Skywars game
    whitelisted-commands: [g, global]


    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard
    • Vault
    • A permissions plugin (pex)
    • Essentials
    • Multiverse-Core
    • Spigot or Bukkit 1.8
    Test Server
    IP: sw.wickedcraft.net

    Need help fast?
    Check out my Live stream I am often coding live and giving support there for my plugins

    I might make this a weekly or daily thing.

    Donation & Support:
    If you like this server and want to see its continuation and support why not donate?


Recent Reviews

  1. SkellyX
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    So far so good. For anyone having trouble loading schematics, you must ensure you have set spawns in your map(s) using a beacon
  2. GreekGamesYT
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    doesnt load schematics..............................................................................
  3. olget1
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    update 1.10.2
  4. Golicraft
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    Why you give so bad ratings? This plugin is amazing and i am so happy that you continue the original skywars plugin. This is a real SPIGOT HERO! Going to donate when i got enough money :D

    If you have a problem, be sure to don't have another scoreboard plugin that overwrite wickedskywars, that is the problem i had but i found out of it after 4 hours!
  5. TheKingCreepy
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
  6. Cooperman8888
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    How do I add a spawn? Please respond quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. cacadorpt
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    Nice plugin but need make upgrade please see this have a nice day :)...........................!!!!!
  8. AlphaStep
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    Really like the plugin! i only miss 2 things i really want to see in the next update.

    - /sw list (to see all maps)
    - join signs

    I hope this could be added, further perfect work!
  9. catman2014_
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    Internal Error For All the command Just Does Not Work There Is 3 That Work /sw Admin /sw SetLobby and /sw
  10. baseballboyg
    Version: 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1
    If you're trying to have a professional looking server without essentials, this just doesn't work...