WickedSkyWars 1.3.7-WorldRedux-1

Official Skywars Plugin of WickedCraft.net

  1. Config and world manager update

    Major Config changes.
    You can now set if monsters, animals spawn, weather, fire spreads. More to come. This gives frame work to allow different configs for different worlds.

    Too much to list so here is a full example config
    Code (Text):
      # The world of the lobby spawn
      world: world
      # The spawn coordinates (X Y Z and additionally yaw and pitch)
      spawn: 0 64 0
      # The lobby radius. 0 for global.
      radius: 0
      # Delay in seconds for game to start without full player count -1 for dont start
      start-delay: -1
      # Minimum number of players needed before /sw-start can be used. dont make less then 2
      min-start-player-count: 2
      # Cost to use /sw start
      sw-start-cost: 5
      # Max time game will wait for more players to join in seconds
      max-wait-time: 180
      # Seconds till game starts when player uses /sw start command, Gives players chance to buy kits.
      force-start-time: 21
        # Max number of game play worlds to create. You are insane to set this high
        max-worlds: 12
        # Max number of spots in the world that are playable. This must be a perfect square nuber!
        #                                                     Stay in school kids you might learn something....
        # World is setup as a big grid. Setting this low will result in multiple worlds being used and may cause lag!
        max-games-per-world: 10000
        # Allow fire spread in game world?
        enable-fire-spread: false
        # Enable rain? or storms?
        enable-weather: false
        # Do you want monsters to spawn?
        enable-monster-spawn: false
        # Ticks per monster spawn, leave at 0 if you have monster spawn to false
        ticks-per-monster-spawn: 0
        # Do you want animals to spawn?
        enable-animal-spawn: false
        # Ticks per animal spawn, leave at 0 if you have animal spawn to false
        ticks-per-animal-spawn: 0
        # Height that schematics will be pasted at.
        game-paste-height: 100
    # The allowed radius the player can move in beyond the map
    island-buffer: 50 #experiment with this  
      # Score per kill
      per-kill: 3
      # Score per win
      per-win: 10
      # Score on death
      on-death: -1
      # Score on leave
      on-leave: -1
      # Score modifier for groups
          per-kill: 3
          per-win: 10
          on-death: -1
          on-leave: -1
    # In game scoreboard settings.
        #enabling this causes some lag for larger servers with many players.
        block-place: false
    # Optional schematic specific configuration
        # The minimum amount of players for the timer to start
        min-players: 2
        # The count down timer before the game starts
        timer: 11
    # Unused at the moment
      # Statistics update interval
      update-interval: 600
      # Top X to be shown on the signs
      top: 30
    # Whether to use SQL or flat file for storage (FILE or SQL)
    data-storage: SQL
    # Requires data-storage to be set to SQL
      hostname: localhost
      port: 3306
      username: username
      password: password
      database: database
      version: UUID_V1

    # Whether to build the schematic instead of pasting it straight in
    # This happens to freeze clients due to the chunk updates
      enabled: true
      # The interval in ticks (1 tick = aprox. 50ms)
      interval: 1
      # The amount of blocks per tick
      blocks-per-tick: 20
    # Whether to have the plugin put in the glass cages, disable this if you
    # use your own cages in the schematics. This has to be enabled when using
    # the island-building feature.
    build-cages: true
    # Whether to ignore AIR in the schematics (could leave some gaps in some schematics when enabled,
    # does improve pasting speed though).
    ignore-air: false
    # Whether to fill empty chests with the contents of chest.yml. Disable this if you want to use
    # schematics it preset chest contents.
    fill-empty-chests: true
    # Whether to fill already populated chests with the contents of chest.yml.
    fill-populated-chests: false
    # Whether to use the economy of the server to figure as score
    use-economy: false
    # Set this to true to disable sound effects durring count down
    enable-soundeffects: false
    # Whether the chat formatting should be handled by a different plugin (e.g. EssentialsChat)
    chat-handled-by-other-plugin: false
    # Whether to clear inventory upon game join
    clear-inventory-on-join: true
    # Whether to save the inventory game join and to restore it on game leave
    save-inventory: false
    # Commands which should be allowed to be used in a Skywars game
    whitelisted-commands: [g, global]

    New Auto Island spacing buffer system implemented.
    • Fixed major memory leak that resulted in excessive map generation.
    • Distance between games now properly uses server max view distance in computation of game grid on the world
    • Another major memory leak was patched.
    Proper Chunk unloading AFTER every player is tped to spawn after game.

    Bug fix for scoreboard error at the end of a game.

    You still need Spigot or Bukkit 1.8 or better<--- this means you Quack
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