Wildcard Permissions Polyfill 1.0

Adds support for wildcard permissions to any permission manager that lacks it

  1. liam_
    This plugin adds support for wildcards to any permission system that lacks it.

    This plugin works by injecting itself into the portion of spigot responsible for storing the list of permissions granted to a user, and overriding the behavior for determining if a user has a certain permission in order to provide special processing for permissions with wildcards.

    This plugin is, in theory, compatible with any permission system. This plugin makes use of the same code PermissionsEx uses to inject itself into the permissions list. This plugin is distributed under the same license that PermissionsEx uses, apache-2. This plugin is not associated with or approved by the PermissionsEx team or their contributors.

    Currently, this plugin has been tested with the following permissions managers:
    * PowerfulPerms Pro
    * the built in permissions.yml file

    These permission systems are known to be incompatible:
    * none yet -- please report issues if you run into any

    Supported usage of this plugin:

    Wildcard at the very end of a permission:
    -- essentials.*
    -- grants every permission node that begins with "essentials."
    -- essentials.vanish, essentials.setspawn, essentials.ban.exempt, etc.

    Wildcard in the middle of a permission:
    -- essentials.build.*.7
    -- ignores matching for the third "word" in the permission string
    -- grants essentials.build.place.7, essentials.build.break.7, etc

    Wildcard as the whole permission:
    -- *
    -- matches every permission

    Not supported: Wildcards in a single permission "word." The wildcard must always be alone. eg, essentials.tp* will not work (and will not grant essentials.tp.*, essentials.tpa.*, essentials.tpahere.*, etc. These must be added individually)

    To test if this plugin is working with your permission system, do not use the node: essentials.*. Essentials has a special case for this, and it will not properly test this plugin.
    -- Grant a user essentials.build.*.7
    -- Make sure they have no other essentials permission node (especially not essentials.*)
    -- give them some bedrock
    -- if they can place/break/etc the bedrock, this plugin is working properly with your permission system.