Wilderness-Tp 4.4.5

Teleports to random location with cost and cooldown

  1. Qball
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Qball, Azoraqua

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    It is a simple lightweight plugin that randomly will teleport players when they do /wild. It gives 10 seconds of resistance so that they have a chance to fight any mobs when they spawn. Prevents spawning over bodies of water and lava. The plugin requires Vault.
    Why choose mine well because I've noticed that a lot of the others include features that aren't really needed or are buggy. I offer just the basics signs.cooldowns,and a cost along with sound just as a fun thing and something to distinguish my plugin from others
    Variables for the cool down and cost messages are {cost} for the cost {rem} for remaining time and {cool} for the cooldown and {wait} for the warm up message. It also has towny,factions,world guard, and grief prevention to enable any of these just set the values to true in the config. If you use mutliverse or multiple worlds and have a spawn world and a playing world that you want players to teleport to when using /wild in spawn then you can use the worldTo flag on your world in the config for that. Thanks for 68k downloads
    Sign format:
    Top line [WTP]
    /wild - Initial command for players teleports to random location
    /wild [player] - Command for admins to teleport other players to random location
    All /wildtp commands work with /wtp
    /wildtp - Shows help message

    /wildtp create
    /wildtp destroy
    /wildtp wand
    /wtildtp setup A command to help setup the plugin

    To add a world you can do it two ways:
    1. Manuall by opening the config and more or less copying the exisiexisting format and changing what is needed
    2. Use the /wtp setup command

    wildernesstp.command.wild - Give player access to /wild (
    wildernesstp.limit.<config limit>
    wildernesstp.bypass.cooldown - Allows the player to bypass cooldown
    wildernesstp.bypass.cost - Allows bypassing of command cost
    wildernesstp.bypass.delay- Removes the delay when using command.
    wildernesstp.sign.use - Allows use of signs
    wildernesstp.sign.create - Allows you to make/delete a wild sign
    wildernesstp.command.create - Allows you to make a portal
    wildernesstp.command.destroy - Allows you to destroy a portal
    wildernesstp.command.setup - Allows you to use the setup command
    wildernesstp.command.reload - Allows you to use the reload command duh

    Feel free to say any suggestions in the discussion area.
    Dev builds and source code here https://github.com/Qballl/WildernessTp if you want to fork to help improve please feel free to do so. Also, issues can be posted there. Thanks for 5k downloads guys

    Possible Features:
    Cooldown for command Done
    Price for using command?? dDone
    Possible Nether support?? - Debating may be removed as a possible feature Added
    Possible portal support?? - Added
    Planned Features:
    Maybe reload command
    Maybe readd sounds if demand is there
    Code (Text):

    # You can add any other language you want by making a yml in the lang file and then putting the yml file's name
    # in language spot. Defaults are deutsche, dutch, english, french, italian, russian, and spanish
    # Cooldown is in seconds
    config-version: 400

    language: english
    blacklisted-biomes: [ 'OCEAN' ]
    #Hooks would be if you use a plugin such as factions or towny ie claim plugins
    #Supports Kingdoms, Factions, FactionsUUID (and any derivative), Towny, GriefPrevention, Residence, WorldGuard, and Feudal
    use_hooks: false
    #How far from the location the plugin will check for a claim
    distance: 20
    #I think this one explains itself
    cost: 150
    #How many times can the plugin retry for a valid location
    retry_limit: 10
    #A warmup so to say that requires the player to not move so you know that can't combat log
    delay: 5
    #Again speaks for itself
    TeleportNewbies: false
    #How long do you have to wait between use of command. This is in seconds
    cooldown: 300

    #This is where you add your world so the plugin can work. If you need to go from world a to world b do:
       worldTo: 'b'
       all the normal stuff[
          minX: -100
          maxX: 100
          minZ: -100
          maxZ: 100
          worldTo: ""

    #Dont touch this either
    migrated: false

    Technical Trials $2.50
    Siuan $25

    If you feel complied to help me out too by donating click this
    Support: [email protected] or at my GitHub or discord I have made a discord support server click [​IMG]
    Keep in mind my UTC time zone is UTC -6 One final note big thanks to @SteveDog79 for the art for the logo find more by him here

    I will NOT provide support in the reviews section ask for support in an apporiate place ie discussion tab, github, or discord

Recent Updates

  1. 1.8.8
  2. End fixes
  3. Portal Filling

Recent Reviews

  1. UlfGorm
    Version: 4.4.5
    The plugin works... But barely. Either I'm doing something wrong or it just doesn't wanna cooperate with me. Nine times out of ten when I do /wild it tells me "no suitable locations found" despite maxing out the minimum distance I can travel with the plugin. I gotta run the command 5 or 6 times before something finally happens - and even then I'll get tossed into an ocean or a 2 x 3 island in the middle of an ocean
  2. Suhrid
    Version: 4.4.5
    Kind of clunky, but to be honest, it's the best wild / rtp plugin out there. I've been using it for a long time, 2020 to 2022, just updated to this latest version because the older version didn't let me rip in the nether specifically, nor did it let players do the command "/wild". With the newer version, the min and max x and z are very disturbing and confusing. I set the max to 5000 on all the worlds and x and y, as it was like that in the older version, but the server lags out a bit when I rtp. Can you suggest me the best settings I should use.
  3. 09TheMobLordXx
    Version: 4.4.4
    Doesn't work at all for 1.8.8, I tried getting discord support but they didn't fix my issue at all, permissions someitmes broke too. Overall a terrible plugin, would not recommend.
    1. Qball
      Author's Response
      Yea for some reason 1.8.8 is broken working on fixing that
  4. jonnycp9
    Version: 4.4.4
    Good plugin , work fine, discord get me help and i can use this plugin easy
  5. epicmagamea
    Version: 4.1.5
    Really like using ur plugin. Great work! I have one issue though. I use ur portal feature, and sometimes I need to reset the map. So instead of deleting and creating a new portal each time, it would be great to have a feature like this.

    Plugin Feature request:
    Be able to disable and re-activate portals.

    Thx :)
    1. Qball
      Author's Response
      You can already do that you just need to be next to the portal and do /wtp destroy
  6. BeckyHowlett01
    Version: 4.1.4
    new to using this, but seems to work well. when issues appeared, just asked in the discord and they sorted it.
  7. leafberries
    Version: 4.1.4
    amazing plugin, lightweight, simple and works perfectly, there aren't many bugs, the staff are very kind and help instantly when you need it. underrated plugin
  8. miekmiek
    Version: 4.1.4
    This plugin worked perfectly well for me for a while, but recently it randomly stopped working. If I type: /wild, the message: ‘Cannot use command in this world’ appears. In the console ‘[Wild] region is null’ appears. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    1. Qball
      Author's Response
      Gotta set up the plugin add your world to tye config
  9. TakenNone
    Version: 4.1.3
    Plugin works quickly, and amazingly. I installed it, questioned the config because little to no explanation, but viewed the overview page and found the detailed config, and had the plugin up and running the way I needed it to on my server in no time.
  10. Siuan
    Version: 4.1.3
    I've been using this plugin for years with not many major issues. If I did have issues, the author was quick to help me or fix the problem. I don't find anything confusing about setting up or using this plugin. It does have it's bugs now and again, but what plugin doesn't?