Wilderness-Tp 4.0.3

Teleports to random location with cost and cooldown

  1. Qball
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Qball, Azoraqua
    It is a simple lightweight plugin that randomly will teleport players when they do /wild. It gives 10 seconds of resistance so that they have a chance to fight any mobs when they spawn. Prevents spawning over bodies of water and lava. The plugin requires Vault.
    Why choose mine well because I've noticed that a lot of the others include features that aren't really needed or are buggy. I offer just the basics signs.cooldowns,and a cost along with sound just as a fun thing and something to distinguish my plugin from others
    Variables for the cool down and cost messages are {cost} for the cost {rem} for remaining time and {cool} for the cooldown and {wait} for the warm up message. It also has towny,factions,world guard, and grief prevention to enable any of these just set the values to true in the config. If you use mutliverse or multiple worlds and have a spawn world and a playing world that you want players to teleport to when using /wild in spawn then there is an addon for this plugin found here. Thanks for 21k downloads
    Sign format:
    Top line [WTP]
    /wild - Initial command for players teleports to random location
    /wild [player] - Command for admins to teleport other players to random location
    All /wildtp commands work with /wtp
    /wildtp - Shows help message

    /wildtp gui
    /wildtp create
    /wildtp delete
    /wildtp wand

    To add a world you can do it one way:
    1. Manuall by opening the config and more or less copying the exisiexisting format and changing what is needed

    wildernesstp.command.wild - Give player access to /wild (
    wildernesstp.limit.<config limit>
    wildernesstp.bypass.cooldown - Allows the player to bypass cooldown
    wildernesstp.bypass.cost - Allows bypassing of command cost
    wildernesstp.sign.use - Allows use of signs
    wildernesstp.sign.create - Allows you to make/delete a wild sign
    wildernesstp.command.create - Allows you to make a portal
    wildernesstp.command.destroy - Allows you to destroy a portal

    Feel free to say any suggestions in the discussion area.
    Dev builds and source code here https://github.com/Qballl/WildernessTp if you want to fork to help improve please feel free to do so. Also, issues can be posted there. Thanks for 5k downloads guys

    Possible Features:
    Cooldown for command Done
    Price for using command?? dDone
    Possible Nether support?? - Debating may be removed as a possible feature Added
    Possible portal support?? - Added
    Planned Features:
    Maybe reload command
    Maybe readd sounds if demand is there
    Code (Text):

    # You can add any other language you want by making a yml in the lang file and then putting the yml file's name
    # in language spot. Defaults are deutsche, dutch, english, french, italian, russian, and spanish
    # Cooldown is in seconds
    config-version: 400

    language: english
    blacklisted-biomes: [ 'OCEAN' ]
    #Hooks would be if you use a plugin such as factions or towny ie claim plugins
    #Supports Kingdoms, Factions, FactionsUUID (and any derivative), Towny, GriefPrevention, Residence, WorldGuard, and Feudal
    use_hooks: false
    #How far from the location the plugin will check for a claim
    distance: 20
    #I think this one explains itself
    cost: 150
    #How many times can the plugin retry for a valid location
    retry_limit: 10
    #A warmup so to say that requires the player to not move so you know that can't combat log
    delay: 5
    #Again speaks for itself
    TeleportNewbies: false
    #How long do you have to wait between use of command. This is in seconds
    cooldown: 300

    #This is where you add your world so the plugin can work. If you need to go from world a to world b do:
       worldTo: 'b'
       all the normal stuff[
          minX: -100
          maxX: 100
          minZ: -100
          maxZ: 100
          worldTo: ""

    #Dont touch this either
    migrated: false

    Test Servers:

    Technical Trials $2.50
    Siuan $25

    If you feel complied to help me out too by donating click this
    Support: [email protected] or at my GitHub or discord I have made a discord support server click [​IMG]
    Keep in mind my UTC time zone is UTC -6 One final note big thanks to @SteveDog79 for the art for the logo find more by him here

    I will NOT provide support in the reviews section ask for support in an apporiate place ie discussion tab, github, or discord

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Recent Reviews

  1. AngeloGamer_2019
    Version: 4.0.2
    Nice Plugin, I love this Plugin works Good and Is 100% Usefull in Survival Servers :D
  2. AkiraTsubasa
    Version: 4.0.0
    Great to see that you could finally recode it. There are lot of bugs and errors, also some old features are missing yet, but since this recode was done to make the code much less messier, I know that now it will be much more simple to fix and add again all those old features. This review is to motivate the work that this developer make for us for free.

    Hope that all those bugs and missing features get fixed, I consider this the best randomTP plugin.
  3. AngeloGamer_2019
    Version: 4.0.0
    I Love it Thx The Best Dev Ever And The Best Support In Discord, I love this Plugin! :D
  4. SneakyUltraGamer
    Version: 3.17.0
    terrible support on discord with rude staff, and constant pinging for absolute no reason (one of the pings was on an ant colony, another saying “because he wants to ping everyone”, another saying people can suppress @everyone mention, and more)
  5. ibemember3
    Version: 3.17.0
    The plugin itself is okay - encountered a few issues such as sometimes not TPing (older version) but worked for the most part. I'm writing this review largely to warn people of the Discord support server; don't expect it. A contributor pinged everyone >15 times and once I said I joined the server FOR support and NOT mass, useless mentions, I got banned immediately.
  6. mrlife000
    Version: 3.17.0
    1. Qball
      Author's Response
      Wow really we give support. 1.16 support will be here when the recode of the plugin is ready Im not gonna push out another buggy update just to please people
  7. aguadelamiseria
    Version: 3.17.0
    Great plugin, has been working fine in my 1.15.2 server. I hope you can update it to 1.16.1 soon!
  8. DatsMaboi
    Version: 3.17.0
    Good plugin. However could you go ahead and add 1.16.1 support please as i need it.
  9. okokLed
    Version: 3.17.0
    The plugin works as intended. just had to fix the config a little. I'm really happy that I got everything to work thank you.
  10. BersamBas
    Version: 3.17.0
    The best wild plugin out there. Haven't seen anything better out. Absolutely 0 issues!