Wilderness-Tp 3.14.2

Teleports to random location with sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. Permissions fix

    Just a quick update to fix a permissions bug that allowed players without permissions to teleport another player if they knew a world name so they could use /wild <player> <world>
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  2. Fixes compatibility with the addon

    Just a quick update to make the addon and this wanna play nice together
  3. Quick Bug Fix

    This is a quick update that fixes a bug with the cooldown message I fixed it on my end a while ago but never uploaded it and now I'm getting it reports about it. This also "should" fix the feet stuck in the ground bug (knock on wood). Please report all bugs.
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  4. Bug Fixes

    Alright so here is what has been changed:
    • Auto updater is now set to true by default
    • Fixed the miss spelling of minutes
    • Removed registering biome portal permissions as it was unneeded and may have been causing issues
    • Made day and hours stay out of the rem message if they are 0
    • Made DoCostMsg actually work
    • Added a way to exclude a location by using chunks the command is /wildtp or /wtp location add as of right now there is no command to remove a location just open...
  5. New command

    This update adds a new command /wild <world> and /wild <player> <world>. This command was a feature request so keep them coming in to keep this plugin moving forward. This may be the last update for a while I have to work on my fork of staffplus. So for all those who use my staffplus don't worry an update is coming. As for this plugin keep the bug reports and feature requests coming in.
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  6. Permission Fix

    This fixes a problem with the permissions as the last update made the portals permission-based and their not supposed to be.
  7. Bug Fix

    This just fixes a small bug with the command limit and reworked the GUI code fixing some bugs
  8. Permission Fix

    This is a small update but is important. First, the cooldown remaining time has now been formatted into day hour minute second. Currently, you cannot change this I do plan on changing that this was kinda a rush update and this is an unfinished feature. Second and more importantly I fixed a long-standing permission error that made it impossible to not allow players to use the command unless you edited the plugin.yml this error was reported by @Ergail so thank you so much as...
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  9. It's been a while

    So I know it's been a while and I dont want anyone to think this plugin is inactive here is an update that is small but overdue.
    • Added limit to the command is configurable
    • Added Feudal support
    • Small bug fixes
    This is all I've got for now Im sorry it took so long I recently started working and started college so I no longer have that much free time. I will, however, keep updating all my resources. Many of you know I also took over Staff+ and so I've been spending time...
  10. Particles and Villages

    Well along with a change in how I will be versioning from now on which is now where I only change the second number on new feature and the last number is bug features much like how mojang does minecraft the rest of the changes are as follows:
    • Added ability to have particles spawned on teleport disableable and particles are customizable I do include a file like I do for sounds but this is named Particles.txt use that for particle names
    • Added /wildtp village to teleport you to a...
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