Wilderness-Tp 2.28

[THE ONE TRUE WILD TP] Teleports to random location with no sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. RoboMWM
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    LaxWasHere (original author who got lazy and gabe dis 2 me)
    Languages Supported:
    1.53 works for older versions 1.12.2 and older

    WildernessTp (Best WildTP plogen, ask anyone in the spigot chat)
    It is a simple lightweight plugin that randomly will teleport players when they do /wild. Wild changes the TP rules to create NEW, WILD TELEPORTATIONS for players who want to have a random teleporting experience! Unlike Mojang's "/tp" or other plugins' "random" teleports which have tons of class files for often-buggy features, Wild delivers interesting new teleportations due to its elite class and variable naming scheme.

    Looking for 1.12.2 or earlier-compatible builds? They're over here!

    SOME WILDLY UNIQUE FEATURES of dis truly wild tp plogen:
    • Compatible with all region/claim protection plugins!
      • compatible wit [insert ur region claiming plogen(s) here]! Ur poor player will not be teleported to a place where he cannot destroy blocks!
      • Yes, it is compatible with GriefPrevention, factions, factionsuuid, factionsone, fractions, towny, kingdoms, residence, mychunk, yourchunk, redchunk, bluechunk, redprotect, empires, preciousstones, protectionstones, worldguard, fuedal, myfactions, yourfactions, redfactions, bluefactions, yourblock, myblock, skyblock,
    • Random locations and worlds!
      • Why only teleport to just a random location, like every other boring wilderness TP plugin? Ever wanted to travel to a RANDOM WORLD too? Well with this plugin, the ONE TRUE WILDERNESSTP, yes, it is possible, and configurable!
    • Actually a lightweight, performant plugin: Minimizes lag due to chunk generation/loading!
      • Avoids TPS drops due to chunk generation and loading! Benefits both pregenerated and non-pregenerated worlds!
      • Some other, bad wild plugins will crash ur server while desperately loading 300 chunks all at once to find a spot. Others copy code and do non-thread-safe stuff async, putting your server's files, worlds, and state at risk.
      • Make sure your server uses Paper to take advantage of these lag-reducing features! https://papermc.io

    Dev Builds:
    For anyone wanting to test our latest builds/fixes, you can do so here

    Any feedback please click this link.

    Sign format
    Code (Text):
    Line 1: [wildtp]
    Line 2:
    Line 3: world name (optional)
    Line 4:



    Possible features
    • Commands done
    • Configurable min max (5k,-5k locked atm)??dDone
    • Cooldown for command?? done
    • Price for using command?? dONE!
    • Possible portal support?? DONE
    • griefprevention claim checks?? done
    • Support for factions / factionsuuid / factionsone / fractions / towny / kingdoms / residence / mychunk / yourchunk / redchunk / bluechunk / redprotect / empires / preciousstones / worldguard / fuedal / some random region plugin nobody uses / Did you like / miss the first listed feature / that says it's compatible / with every single region protection plugin? DONE
    • Say your suggestion in discussion area and become a patron to add to this list :)

    Source and dev builds are here https://github.com/acmeproject/WildernessTp and we love pull requests, forks, and spoons! Is Wild wild enough for you vote here http://www.strawpoll.me/10140643

    LIKE BIG SERBUR NETWORKS using Wildnerness-TP

    - - The Router Network
    - mlg.robomwm.com - MLG Fortress (a memetastic serbur!)
    If u want ur serbur here subscribe here first

    If you feel like helping RoboMWM a.k.a. the guy who's basically 100% maintaining dis plogen now, subscribe to his patreon.

    If you feel like helping LaxWasHere out, subscribe to his patreon or you can donate directly to his paypal by clicking this

    Support: chat or on GitHub or on Dumcord


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Recent Reviews

  1. Skw359
    Version: 2.28
    I love the plugin and the GeeYouEye is especially amazin! 10/10 goodest plugin!!!11! I hope this plugin integrates async tps alongside wildtping!
  2. RonnieStrickland
    Version: 2.28
    This is by far the best and easiest wild plugin I have come across. The other plugins I tried had many errors and no support at all. I'm very glad I found this plugin! In the future it would be awesome to add a GUI for players to select which world they want to go to. I really love this plugin.
  3. MinecraftAdmin
    Version: 2.27
    Stable, functional, great region support. No complaints from players. All this and more makes me a happy owner of p2w server.
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      Another satisfied customer
  4. Stellrow
    Version: 2.27
    Sadly lacks a crucial configuration,being able to choose in what world the wild will work into,or at least to block it in certain ones
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      gladly has a permissions listing and an entire randomWorlds config section that must've been glossed over.
  5. amiroslo
    Version: 2.27
    No regrets, great developer tbh, helps you when you need it, does what I need! Thank you
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      No regrets, great user tbh, gives you positive reviews/vibrations when you need it, and making me/the plugin feel good is what I need! Thank you
  6. CarsonDDD
    Version: 2.27
    Good plugin, but for the love of god please don't look to deep into how this was made.
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      good user, but for the love of God please pray the rosary
  7. partydev
    Version: 2.27
    great plugin but reading the source code made me blind, my eyes are no longer usable 5/5
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      wow this is the first time I've seen your spigot profile
  8. mohteshamjibran
    Version: 2.25
    Hey Mr. Dev,

    I really love this amazing plugin it has most of the modern features & updates!

    Thank you for making this!
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      Hey Mr. User,

      I really love this amazing review it has kind & positive words that make me feel good!

      Thank you for rating 5 stars!
  9. danil20028191
    Version: 2.22
    Great plugin, works on latest version of PaperSpigot. Can you add Hunger: For teleportation like a money
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      Will see if I can do, not sure how that should work? If you can elaborate in discussion thread that'd be cool - e.g. things like I'm sure we wouldn't want to deplete the entire hunger bar, or should we?
  10. ArtamaMeyer
    Version: 2.22
    Good plugin!
    All the features are here
    Also I love the portal cooldown, I cant find that in any other plugin
    1. RoboMWM
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!