Wilderness-Tp 2.28

[THE ONE TRUE WILD TP] Teleports to random location with no sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. 2.28

    It's a wild world out there.

    • Fix wild.wildtp.world.* being given by default
    • Fix a spigot-caused bug with custom biomes
  2. 2.27

    • fix named portals not teleporting the player to the world of the same name
    • support essentials /back handler (when enabled)
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  3. 2.25

    • Add support for billy's doubleheight nether datapack
    • API: Remove deprecated Search task, please use the new class (check commit)
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  4. 2.24

    Bug fix: portals not checking the world.
  5. 2.22

    • Try to mitigate crashing when using certain builds of Paper and the wait feature
    • Add CREATIVE to default gamemodes so people who create portals in creative gamemode aren't confused that it doesn't work while they're in creative gamemode
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  6. 2.21

    • Fix warmup feature not working
    If this breaks attempts where it fails to find a valid location, please report on GitHub with debug logs, thanks!
  7. 2.20

    • Fix false failure message/retries breaking
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  8. 2.19

    • Fixes issue where the plugin appears to do nothing when the config option "wait" is set to anything larger than 0 (I.e. fixes issue where plugin breaks if the "wait" feature is used.)
  9. 2.18

    • Fix plugin sometimes not working for worlds loaded by PlotSquared or Multiverse.
    • Fully deprecated use of old search task with @warning annotation for addon developers
    Btw apparently the default worlds in randomWorlds "reappearing," I actually can't reproduce that issue. I removed "world_nether" from my config, reloaded, and it has remained gone. Perhaps try editing the config while the server is off?
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  10. 2.17

    • Refactored search task to lessen potential CPU load, work better with spigot (and works better on Paper).
    • Basically some code cleanup