Wilderness-Tp 2.15

[THE ONE TRUE WILD TP] Teleports to random location with no sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. 2.15

    • Fix an allegedly unannounced spigot API behavior change that causes players to teleport inside a block (this fix may cause issues with older versions of spigot 1.15.2 or lower). This may or may not be due to spigot though, I'm not really sure. https://github.com/AcmeProject/WildernessTp/issues/60#issuecomment-587072723
    • Fix bug with signs (there's another bug as well but only happens when you use a new sign for a world you just created, and can be fixed with a reload...
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  2. 2.14

    semver is hard
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  3. 2.13

    • Increased portal sensitivity
    • Destroy ignored stacktrace
    • Fix spigot users
    • Fix void teleportation (tho idk, maybe some admins would find it funni to randomly teleport ppl to the void so idk, thoughts on dis?
    • Fix link
    • Add arboriginal's fixes for charging player or whatever
    • Fix new config not generating on fresh install
  4. 2.12

  5. 2.10

    â—¾Deleting portals
    â—¾debugging worldborder - if you have issues with the worldborder pls enable debug in config so u can report that data.
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  6. 2.9

    • If a portal has the same name as a world, it will teleport players randomly within that world only (similar to a wildtp sign with a world name).
    • Can now specify blocks you want to avoid on random teleport.
    1.52 still works for 1.12.2 and earlier servers.
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  7. 2.8

    • Fix WorldBorder plugin being dum about its shape
  8. 2.7

    • Fix global claim check logic
    • Fix global claim check for plugins that don't listen at the proper priority, like WorldGuard.
    • Fix vanilla worldborder check for "technically not set" (but still exist) borders.
    • http://r.robomwm.com/patreon
    • Reminder that 1.12.2 and older versions that work are here.
  9. 2.5

    • No longer requires WorldEdit to create portals because WorldEdit's dev doesn't care about breaking API in same version multiple times.
    • Supports WorldBorder plugin along with vanilla WorldBorder too now.
    • Fix spigot compatibility (you should be using Paper for async chunk loading amongst other things anyways).
    • http://r.robomwm.com/patreon
    Reminder that 1.12.2 and older versions that work are here.
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  10. 2.4

    • Supports vanilla world border
    • WorldEdit is being stupid
    • New permission for signs