Wilderness-Tp 2.22

[THE ONE TRUE WILD TP] Teleports to random location with no sounds cost and cooldown along with GUI

  1. Re-ordered default config a bit

    Thus no need to change version/no need to update.
  2. Fixes and improvements

    Hullo yus dis iz bug fix BIG bug fix wew
  3. 1.23

    Also pls consider donating as I do this plugin completely in my free time and that has recently diminished due to school cuz dis iz da best wildtp amirite??
    (Note: I have not setup donating yet. I may in the future...)
  4. code cleanup

    make things a little neater
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  5. 1.21

    - Even lighter on performance than other wild plugins! (and may soontm get even lighter!)

    - You can now execute some commands via console/command block!!

    - Teleport warmup decided to relax a bit and not be so strict about the player remaining absolutely still
  6. Revise badblock check

    Now with better insurance of getting a safer block to tp to
  7. Fixes NPE

    How do you kill that which has no life?
  8. Fixes cooldown

    And other stuff
  9. Fixes config

    Bug fixes and new features
  10. Fixes and Improvements

    Better formating too!