WildReports 1.0

Allow your players to report hackers and other rule breakers

  1. Trixxie
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15

    This plugin is meant for Bungeecord / Waterfall ONLY, this will not work if you put it on your Spigot, Paper etc. plugins folder!
    What does WildReports do?
    This plugin allows your players to report rule breakers, hackers etc. to your staff members with brief reasoning. Staff members with permission wildreports.see can see the report message and act on it! Report message contains;
    • Report sender's name
    • Reported player's name
    • Reason for the report
    • Server where the report was sent from

    What commands does it have?
    Currently only one:
    • /report <player> <reason>
      • This command does not require permission.

    Issues and requests can be sent to me through GitHub, please do not use reviews as your gateway to complain about bugs. It is easier to fix bugs when they are reported through GitHub repo.

    Additional Support & Help (DISCORD)
    Please join my discord server to gain additional help with using this plugin and fast issue solving. Maybe just seeking for new friends?

    Invitation link here