WildStackerAPI - API for WildStacker 3! b19

API for hooking into WildStacker 3!

  1. Ome_R
    This API allows your plugin to get intergration with the WildStacker plugin.
    Simply add this jar to your IDE and use the main WildStackerAPI class.
    Please note: This is not a plugin. Don't add this jar to the plugins folder.

    - Add this API jar to your IDE.
    - Add "depend: [WildStacker]" to your plugin.yml
    - Start using the API without purchasing WildStacker!

Recent Reviews

  1. dinoboss2001
    Version: b18
    me gusto me gustaría que paciera en esta web ejemplo para si saber que métodos usar gracias un saludo.
  2. JustADev
    Version: b15
    I was wondering if you could allow us to grab the player who stacked/unstacked a spawner to the API? Good plugin man
  3. Valentina_pro
    Version: b11
    Really good API, the developer is active on his plugins and he's always there to help. Not every plugin thinks about other developers, and this dev really knows what he's doing.