WinEffects | Unlimited Inventories, MySQL Support, PlaceholderAPI Support, Economy Support| 1.0.8

Make your players express his victory in a different way.

  1. Update 1.0.2

    I recommend you to update your config and lang files after downloading this file.


    • Added a new command: /wineffects stop <player> - This new command will make stop a player's wineffect if it is active.
    • Added stats metrics
    • Added new permissions to the config.yml file.
    • Added new messages to the lang.yml file.
    • Added new option to disable update checker.

    Changed / Fixed:
    • Fixed command /wineffects coins, when you didn't have conomy plugin it sent an error.
    • Changed and improved a bit the update checker.
    • Changed some code things about data save.

    [!] Config Changes: See them here
    [!] Lang Changes: See them here

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