Wings 2016-01-04

Fly towards your cursor

  1. facemywrath
    Hello! This is my first uploaded plugin! I'm adding a separate one also. I made two plugins that work the same way with two different results.

    This one is called wings! Obviously...

    The permission nodes are wings.use and wings.give
    The commands are /wings and /wings item

    The first node lets you use /wings the second node lets you use /wings item

    Here's what it does.

    When you activate wings you can fly! When you sprint it launches you in the direction you look and turns off all fall damage while wings are enabled. In turn you can also drink a potion to gain the wings. The potion is gotten through /wings item. When you die you lose your wings as well as on reload/restart.

    Enjoy the plugin!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Callofjosh
    Version: 2016-01-04
    Just like your other plugin, It helps me soo much with my parkour server. Thanks for making it been looking for plugins like this for a while :DD