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Extremely lightweight plugin to chat with holograms!

  1. Fixed bug & optimized!

    • Fixed bug where player kicked/null and the hologram won't be deleted. Thanks to @AnghiJ
    • Fixed a huge bug & a HUGE optimization.
  2. Added plugin compatibility!

    • This will no longer conflicts with CommandPrompter chat event.
    • Changed eventPriority to lowest.
    • Slight optimization.
    • Preparation for New Version..
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  3. Fixed Async bug!

    - Fixed some error showing up in console.
    - Using synchronized in every async tasks.
  4. Fixed bugs!

    • Updated Sounds List
    • Fixed Sound not fixed
    • Fixed Last Line have space in it.
  5. Fixed bugs and optimization!

    + Fixed weird word bugs:
    • You can now use the once was illegal character such as \ (Illegal to the system) now it's no longer illegal.
    + Fixed some NPE bugs:
    • Assigned 0 values to all variables to prevent NPE.
    + Significant Performance Improvements:
    • Removed all unnecessary try and catch usage from chats. Majorly increase performance.
    + Added "ignore_region_option" to those who are having bugs when using...
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  6. Fixed bug!

    - Fixed NPE error on player quit.
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  7. Fixed bug!

    - Fixed bug on PlayerDisconnectEvent
    - Fixed bug on Player Null

    Thanks to @AnghiJ for the report <3
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  8. Fixed NPE bug!

    Thanks to @AnghiJ for the report.

    This should fix the bug where console being spammed with task errors when player is a null. some how.
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  9. Fixed bugs!

    - Thanks to @AnghiJ for the report

    > Fixed Task Exception Error
    > Now using UUID instead of caching player names.
    > Added additional checks
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  10. Improved Performance!

    - This update should significantly increase performance by making the hologram-teleporting process asynchronous.
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