Winter 2021-06-15

Allow snow to fall in any biome in your server!

  1. WildGames500
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin was created using skript, to install you will need to add the skript.jar, which you can download here.

    After installing you will go to the skript folder -> scripts and add this file there!


    • winter.op
      • This is required to enable winter for everyone, and use the commands.

    • /Winter On
      • This will enable winter for everyone in your world
    • /Winter Off
      • This will disable winter for everyone in your world


    The following dependency is required for this plugin to work properly:

    Thanks for downloading I hope you all enjoy! <3


    1. winter.png
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    4. cooltext386753456836255.png
    5. WinterD.png
    6. WinterN.png

Recent Reviews

  1. HonestlyDex
    Version: 2021-06-15
    Very Cool Skript! I personally love winter with some Lofi and Hot Chocolate! I think you should also add a toggle gui and some sounds + prefix! Overall a great skript!