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    What is Capitalistic Economy?
    Capitalistic Economy is a whole suite of features adding a whole new element to your servers economy. These features include but are not limited to Stock Markets, Business Markets, Property Purchase sales and Rentals.

    Here we will walk through each feature one by one.

    PlayerStocks is a stock market that the price is driven based off the activity of players on your server joins increase the prices a little leaves decrease the price a little and every half hour a player players increases the price a little. The stock price resets every 10 hrs.

    Allows players to vote for day by doing /ps dv command

    Allows players to vote for Night by doing /ps nv

    Allows players to vote for sunny weather by doing /ps wv

    Business System:
    Included is a Business system that is under active development and features are constantly being worked on and added but basically it allows players to Buy a business license to allow them to have people invest in there business and allows them to rent and sell property.

    The business system can be kinda Complex. to get started you will need the $100,000(Configurable) to buy your business license. Once you get your business license you need to set your Industry. Your Industry sets what your business is based on.

    We currently have 3 Industries Mining, Timber and Redstone. Currently these only Effect what materials you can turn in for Business supplies.

    Business Supplies System:
    Your Business uses Supplies to maintain operations and to earn you money. If your business runs out of Supplies you essentially have to "LayOff Employees" so you get fined $250,000 for running out of supplies.

    How to add Business Supplies:
    To add Supplies to your business you need to hold an item that you can turn in for Supplies (Find the Table Below) and type /ps dbs {Ammount} this will deposit those items into your business as supplies.

    How to check Business Supplies:
    You can check both how much Business supplies you use per PayCycle (30Minutes) and how many Supplies you currently have in stock by doing /ps cs

    Supplies Worth Table:
    Items that can Be Turned in for supplies and their values are listed below.

    Mining Industry:
    • Iron Ore - 1 Supplies
    • Iron Ingot - 2 Supplies
    • Gold Ore - 3 Supplies
    • Gold Ingot - 4 Supplies
    • Diamond - 10 Supplies
    • Emerald - 15 Supplies
    • Redstone - 1 Supplies

    Timber Industry:
    • Logs All Types - 1 Supplies

    Redstone Industry:
    • Redstone - 2 Supplies
    • Redstone Torch - 2 Supplies
    • Redstone Repeater - 3 Supplies
    • Redstone Lamp - 5 Supplies

    you can hire employees buy doing /ps sv hire hiring an employee costs $10,000 every employee makes your Business use 1.25 more Supplies per pay cycle. Employees have stats that can change over time so you have to monitor your employees to make sure they are still all profiting. to verify an Employee is profitable do /ps sv employee list this lists your employees stats Revenue is the total the employee is bringing in and Salary is what you are paying that employee to make that Revenue. An employees profit is figured by Revenue - Salary = profit a positive number is profit a negative number is an employee that is costing your business money. To fire and employee just simply do /ps sv fire {Employee ID}

    After you have grown your business enough(20 Employees) You will have to upgrade your Business License to a Corporation License this costs $1,000 000 and allows you to Hire an unlimited number of employee's.
    Corporations are still under development and will have more add festures soon.

    Property System:
    Currently under construction and not ready for use by players as of yet.

    Do /psh to get a list of commands

    Dependent on Vault

    This plugin is under active development and testing on Small Time Survival - IP: mc.smalltimesurvival.xyz
    If you'd like to see this plugin in action feel free to join and test it.


    This plugin is in beta and under Active development including but not limited to converting everything to be configurable and adding permissions support if you have an issue please report it so it can be fixed. Also if there is a feature you'd like to see please let me know.
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