Wireless Redstone 1.0

Allows players to create wireless redstone using a special wand.

  1. xAfflict
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Wireless redstone allows you to create senders and receivers for redstone using a special wand. When left clicking a block, it will put a sender in that location. When right clicking, it will add a receiver to set a redstone block to.

    The sender is a redstone lamp. When the redstone lamp gets powered, it will set the block at the location of your receivers to a redstone block, allowing you to take power from it.

    Your senders can have any amount of receivers. You can even make a chain, for example, have one sender power a receiver, which that receiver powers another sender, etc.

    To remove a link (a connection between a sender and a receiver), simply shift and left click to select the sender to delete. Then, shift and right click to select the receiver to delete. (Make sure you're using the wand!)

    How do you get the special wand?
    Simply execute the command - /wirelessredstone gui. (Or /wr gui.)
    Then, select the blaze rod. It will have a basic set of instructions when you hover over it.

    • Ability to reset all links.
    • Ability to view all senders and receivers from configuration.
    • Ability to manually load. (Not recommended. Process done automatically.)
    • Ability to manually save. (Also not recommended. Process done automatically.)
    • /wirelessredstone gui
    • /wr gui
    • wirelessredstone.access
    Wireless redstone uses a GUI instead of a command for each feature. This is more intuitive and easier to use for most players.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SlimSlime268
    Version: 1.0
    In my House is a Redstone Lamp. I cant remove it. Not in Survival, not in Creative
    1. xAfflict
      Author's Response
      You need to properly remove the link. If you somehow forgot what you linked, just reset everything... Seems like user mistake/error.