WirelessRedstone 3.0.6

WirelessRedstone plugin for Spigot! Make bigger circuits with less wires!

  1. Bart_0110
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Bart_0110 & licks92

    • Easily transmit redstone signal from a transmitter to a receiver!
    • There's no delay, the signal is transmitted immediately!
    • You can set a delay if you want!
    • Many commands to control the plugin and get information about your wireless network!
    • Special admin commands and permissions to allow players to use the plugin or not!
    We need your help!
    Do you want to see the plugin in your favorite language / native language? It will be possible in the next version. The process is very simple for you and me, you just have to go on this website, and fill the language of your choice :)

    Demonstration Video


    Upcoming features. ( Or planned )
    • Add support for WorldEdit:
      • The sign gets automatically removed from the config if you remove the sign with WE. It's added in 2.1
    • Add new receiver types:
      • The clock receiver: If active, it will regularly turn on/off. If not active, it will simply be off. It's added in 2.0
    I'm not sure to add these features, but I put them here:
    • Add a limit of wireless signs per player (probably by permissions). See this.
    • Please note that we're doing our best to make WirelessRedstone bugfree, it still may contain a few bugs and such.

    • Thanks a lot to Wmisiedjan, the creator of the plugin. He left the project more than 3 years ago, and since that moment I'm the developer of the plugin. I made big changes but some of his code is still in the plugin. He was also a great guy because the code was open, that's why I could take it and modify it. Thank you, mate ;)
    • Thank you a lot to bb-generation who optimized the configuration part, and update the plugin to maven.
    • Thanks to my beta-testers (cannonb4ll, s32ialx, and Kervinou), your help is great!
    • Thanks to all the persons who help me to improve this plugin, and report bugs.
    Have an issue?
    Please report it here
    If you want to post it here, please post:

    • A description of what's happening.
    • The version number of WirelessRedstone, and Spigot (Bukkit).
    • An error log if you could get it.


    If you want to submit an idea, please post it on this page with the label improvement ;) I'll add it and you'll be warned when it's done.
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Recent Reviews

  1. boss89
    Version: 3.0.5
    just wondering if we could get a update for 1.13.1, plugin seems to be working in server log but having issues where the output is not working all the time, thanks
  2. Evan_mcclan
    Version: 3.0.5
    I love wireless redstone, but im now encountering a problem on my server (1.12.2), signs dont activate anymore and i cant create them! here is my error log: https://pastebin.com/BxyfVRLg
  3. agentsix1
    Version: 3.0.5
    This is a very limiting plugin. I found it not very useful when it came to redstone creations as it only accepted power from a lever. As a side note when you destroy the lever/button when it is powered the signal will remain on and is very unreliable. This plugin needs a lot of work before I would find this useful on my server. If some things are added to this to address my issues I will be more then happy to change my rating
    1. Bart_0110
      Author's Response
      Can you tell me which MC version you have and if you have the latest version of the plugin? It seems like you use a really old MC version or plugin version.
  4. GameFreakBaree
    Version: 3.0.5
    This is a fantasic plugin! But please update it, the last update was May 26, 2017
  5. DeyesFuZy
    Version: 3.0.5
    I have downloaded and used this plugin for alot for things! This is a FANTASTIC plug-in. Also, I have translated the plug-in to French. =)
  6. rexvonzombie
    Version: 3.0.5
    Great plugin, works exactly like it says! I'd recommend. (getting more characters)
  7. TMCThomas00
    Version: 3.0.3
    Great plugin! Got one question though, is there a way to disable commands? at least for normal players since they can use /wrl (Channelname) to create signs from other players.
    1. Bart_0110
      Author's Response
      Can you try the latest version (3.0.4)? If it still not fixed don't hesitate to ask me in the discussion section or GitHub.
  8. groovybluedog
    Version: 2.6.7
    It works well, except there's no language file to edit the messages or chat prefix, or the text that goes within the brackets on the signs. Great concept, great functionality, no customisation.
  9. Vertamin
    Version: 2.6.2
    Thank you, its working without problems. It would be cool to have that feature that can set a limit of signs per player.
  10. ZooterHD
    Version: 2.4
    Thanks, its a so great Plugin, i have this as VIP Feature :P