WithdrawX [1.7-1.12.2] 1.1.0

The one and only withdrawal plugin your server will need.

  1. Busta
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Any language via. the configuration file. (Default: English)
    This is my personal fork of WithdrawX. Changes you can expect are as follows: A clean API, no startup issues/errors, a clean configuration file, optimized events, reduced file size and much more.
    By default, the plugin is configured to support a minimum withdrawal of 1 level, $1 or 1 token. The plugin also works out of the box with no hardcoded dependencies, however, you will only be able to bottle EXP without any of the optional dependencies.

    Use the discussion tab for support and make sure to @ me.
    If that's not an option feel free to PM me.
    Never ask for support in the review section, it will be ignored.

    1. Java 7+

    Optional Dependencies.png

    Terms of Service.png
    1. You will not release or share any forks made of this, keep them strictly personal.
    2. You will not release this on any other site.
    3. Do not claim my code to be yours.
      1. This includes renaming my packages to your name/company/server.
    4. Do not leave a poor review because of something you messed up or failed to notice.
    5. Do not ask for support in a review, it will be ignored.
    6. You agree that all of my code is copywritten, and if you violate any of these terms I can and will legally pursue you.
    7. These terms can change at any time with no notice, you are responsible for keeping yourself informed of them.

    1. None yet.

    Code (Text):

      max-exp: "&cYou can only withdraw 100 levels at once. (30970 EXP)"
      max-money: "&cYou can only withdraw $1,000,000 at once."
      max-tokens: "&cYou can only withdraw 100 tokens at once."
      min-exp: "&cYou must withdraw a minimum of 1 level. (7 EXP)"
      min-money: "&cYou must withdraw a minimum of $1."
      min-tokens: "&cYou must withdraw a minimum of 1 token."
      no-args-staff: "&cUsage: /{command} <amount> [player]"
      no-args: "&cUsage: /{command} <amount>"
      no-perm: "&cYou don't have permission to do that."
      no-slots-staff: "&cTarget's inventory has no empty slots."
      no-slots: "&cYou have no empty slots in your inventory."
      not-a-number: "&cThe value specified was not a number."
      not-a-player: "&cThis command can only be used by players."
      not-a-valid-number: "&cThe value must be greater than zero."
      not-enough-exp: "&cYou don't have enough EXP to withdraw."
      not-enough-money: "&cYou don't have enough money to withdraw."
      not-enough-tokens: "&cYou don't have enough tokens to withdraw."
      player-offline: "&cThe player specified couldn't be found."
      redeem-exp: "&a&l+{value} EXP"
      redeem-money: "&a&l+${value}"
      redeem-token: "&a&l+{value} Token(s)"
      reloaded: "&aSuccessfully reloaded the configuration file."
      tokenmanager-found: "Successfully found TokenManager, token withdrawals are enabled."
      tokenmanager-not-found: "Could not find TokenManager, token withdrawals are disabled."
      vault-found: "Successfully found Vault and a valid economy provider, money withdrawals are enabled."
      vault-not-found: "Could not find Vault and or a valid economy provider, money withdrawals are disabled."
      withdraw-exp-staff: "&7You created a bottle worth &a{value} EXP &7for &f{target}&7."
      withdraw-exp: "&c&l-{value} EXP"
      withdraw-money-staff: "&7You created a bank note worth &a${value} &7for &f{target}&7."
      withdraw-money: "&c&l-${value}"
      withdraw-token-staff: "&7You created a token bag worth &a{value} Token(s) &7for &f{target}&7."
      withdraw-token: "&c&l-{value} Token(s)"

      reload: "withdraw.reload"
      withdraw-exp-staff: "withdraw.exp.staff"
      withdraw-exp: "withdraw.exp"
      withdraw-money-staff: "withdraw.money.staff"
      withdraw-money: "withdraw.money"
      withdraw-token-staff: "withdraw.token.staff"
      withdraw-token: "withdraw.token"

      max-exp-withdraw: 30970
      max-money-withdraw: 1000000
      max-token-withdraw: 100
      min-exp-withdraw: 7
      min-money-withdraw: 1
      min-token-withdraw: 1

        item: "PAPER:0"
        name: "&r&lBank Note &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &a${value}"
          - "&rWithdrawn by &7{signer}"
        item: "PAPER:0"
        name: "&r&lBank Note &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &a${value}"

        item: "EXP_BOTTLE:0"
        name: "&r&lEXP Bottle &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &7{value} EXP"
          - "&rWithdrawn by &7{signer}"
        item: "EXP_BOTTLE:0"
        name: "&r&lEXP Bottle &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &7{value} EXP"

        item: "MAGMA_CREAM:0"
        name: "&r&lToken Bag &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &7{value} Token(s)"
          - "&rWithdrawn by &7{signer}"
        item: "MAGMA_CREAM:0"
        name: "&r&lToken Bag &7(Right Click)"
          - "&rValue &7{value} Token(s)"

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