WithdrawX [1.7-1.12.2] 1.1.0

The one and only withdrawal plugin your server will need.

  1. Update #10

    • Addition | Added full support for 1.9+'s off hand.
    • Improved | Cleaned up the API a bit.
    • Improved | Replaced the old version grabbing API method with a much better and smaller one.
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  2. Update #9

    • Fixed | Fixed an issue with redstone activating bottles.
  3. Update #8

    • Fixed | Fixed the new integer check not behaving correctly.
  4. Update #7

    • Addition | Added better integer parsing to prevent negative or zero value withdrawals.
    • Addition | Added another alias to reload the configuration file. (/wdreload
    • Removed | Removed the asynchronous commands and replaced them with the method I use to optimize the events.
    • Misc. | Completely revamped most of the configuration files' sections to...
  5. Update #6

    Would you guys prefer it if I made a new file for both permissions and language stuff (permissions.yml, language.yml)? Let me know.
    • Addition | Added a no argument staff response.
  6. Update #5

    • Fixed | Fixed an event cancelling block placement.
  7. Update #4

    • Fixed | Fixed the no slot(s) staff and player responses.
    • Optimized | Significantly optimized all of the commands and events.
      • I did some bug testing, however, this could still cause issues. Let me know of any you may come across and I'll fix them immediately.
  8. Update #3

    • Addition | Added staff commands.
      • New command usages: /<command> <amount> [player]
        • Staff bypass the withdrawal limitations so be careful granting this to others.
        • Apologies for not having this in the release version, I completely forgot I removed it.
        • You will also need to either generate a new configuration file or manually add the lines in yourself if you wish to modify the messages, you can find anything you're...
  9. Update #2

    • Fixed | Fixed a startup issue related to the configuration file.
    • Fixed | Fixed a small grammatical error in the startup messages.
  10. Update #1

    • Improved | Improved the API methods for creating items.
    • Cleaned | Cleaned up some of the language messages to be more accurate as well as adjusting the unsigned items.