Wither Anti Cheat | 1.13.X - 1.16.X | Paper, Tuinity Support | Free, Accurate, Optimized Anti Cheat 0.21.2

The anti cheating solution you have been looking for

  1. Olexorus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Spigot's early 1.16 versions contain a bug that break WAC. If you're on 1.16 and have lots of false positives, make sure to use an up to date version of Spigot and it should be fixed.

    Currently, this plugin only works on 1.13.X, 1.14.X, 1.15.X and 1.16.X. If the plugin doesn't work on your server, or if there's another problem, instead of just leaving a bad review please message me on Spigot or on Discord, so that I can help you and fix it!


    Wither Anti Cheat, short WitherAC or WAC is a relatively new Anti Cheat. Although I'd say it's at a point where it can be used on production servers, be aware that false positives and other bugs are to be expected. However I'm regularly releasing updates with new features and fixes for bugs and false positives, and if you have any problems I'll be happy to help you out if you message me on Spigot or Discord (I'll usually respond faster on Discord).

    Spigot, Paper and Tuinity are supported!

    BungeeCord isn't directly supported, however @magefire9668 created an addon which uses WAC's API to distribute notifications accross server networks, you can find it here: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/addon-witherac-bungee-link.76542/

    GitHub link: https://github.com/Olexorus/WitherAC (not the full source code, but issue tracker, default config files and API code)

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/jjkR2EU

    I really recommend you to join the Discord if you use WitherAC. You also don't need to download anything, and you don't need to create an account, you can just open Discord in your browser.

    If you find any bugs or bypasses please report them to me. I also take feature requests. If you want to become a tester, message me on Spigot or on Discord, all help is welcome!

    • Active development: WAC is getting updated regularly, sometimes multiple times per week. If you find a bug, bypass or a false positive, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
    • Wide variety of checks: WAC has checks against many kinds of hacks, like movement related (e.g. Fly, Speed), combat related (e.g. Killaura, Reach) or others (e.g. Blink, Timer), you can check out the list below. The range of hacks which are blocked is also constantly expanded to combat new hacks.
    • Simple config: WAC allows you to configure which checks should run, if and when staff should be notified about hackers, if and when hacks should be blocked, and much more. However, in contrast to many other AntiCheats, it doesn't give you a ton of confusing options about the individual checks. The reason for this is that, in my opinion, those configuration options are mostly useless. If there is a problem with a check it shouldn't be fixed by changing the config, because that usually isn't a real fix but just a workaround, instead the problem should be reported and the code should be adjusted so that the problem doesn't happen anymore.
    • Easy to use: You don't need to spend hours configuring WAC before you can actually use it. While there is a configuration file, you don't need to touch it, you can just install WAC onto your server and let it take care of the rest.
    • No dependencies: WAC uses TinyProtocol to handle packets which means that you don't need to worry about finding the right ProtocolLib version first. There are also no other dependencies, you can just drop it into the plugins folder, restart your server and it should work.
    • Developer API: WAC offers an API which allows you to integrate it with your other plugins. You can read more about the API below.

    • Angle
    • BHop Speed
    • Blink
    • Boat Fly
    • Climb (aka Spider)
    • EntitySpeed
    • Fly
    • Jetpack
    • KillAura
    • NoFall
    • Nuker
    • OnGround Speed
    • Ping Spoof
    • Reach
    • Step
    • Timer
    • Vanilla Speed
    • Water Walk (aka Jesus)
    Note that this list is not complete. Some checks can catch hacks they weren't even designed for (for example Jetpack hacks are blocked by the Fly check even though I didn't add any special code for it, simply because of how similar Fly and Jetpack hacks behave). Also the same hack can have many different names in different hack clients, so even if a hack is not on this list, there's a decent chance it's blocked anyways.


    Can you add support for version X?
    If it's a new version (e.g. 1.17) I will almost certainly support it. However I won't support versions before 1.13, the reason for this is that the Spigot API was changed a lot in 1.13 and as a result it's really difficult to support old versions like 1.8 or 1.12 and new versions like 1.16 at the same time. It's possible using the compatibility layer, but that's officially discouraged by md_5, you can check out this thread for more information: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/bu...ot-bungeecord-1-13-development-builds.328883/


    Shows if WAC is working and which version it is running

    /wacnotify [on|off] or short /wacn
    Toggles notifications from WAC about detections

    /wacinfo [playerName]
    Shows the current violation count of a player for each check

    /wacreload or short /wacr
    Reloads WitherAC and reads changes made to the config


    wac.bypass or wac.bypass.[checkName]:
    Allows players to bypass all or specific checks (default: false)

    Allows players to use the /wacinfo command

    Allows players to see notifications about detections and use the /wacnotify command (default: ops)

    Allows players to use the /wacreload command (default: ops)

    Allows players to see notifications when WAC detects a new update


    API jar file download: https://github.com/Olexorus/WitherAC/raw/master/WitherAC_API.jar
    In theory you should be able to use the normal jar file, but sometimes the obfuscation causes problems, the API jar is unobfuscated.

    API documentation:
    Every time WitherAC detects a hacker, it throws the following event which you can use to integrate it into your own plugin:
    Code (Text):

    class com.gmail.olexorus.witherac.api.ViolationEvent extends org.bukkit.event.Event implements org.bukkit.event.Cancellable {
        // returns the type of hack that was detected
        com.gmail.olexorus.witherac.api.CheckType getType()
        // returns the player who was detected
        org.bukkit.entity.Player getPlayer()
        // return the amount of previous violations (not counting the current event)
        int getPreviousViolations()
        // a runnable which blocks the detected hack when executed
        Runnable getBlockAction()
        // returns if the event is cancelled
        boolean isCancelled()
        // change if the event is cancelled
        void setCancelled(boolean)

    enum com.gmail.olexorus.witherac.api.CheckType {
        // returns the internal name of the Check
        String getCheckName()
        // returns the description of the Check
        String getCheckDescription()
    If you're wondering about the difference between the check name and the check description, the check name is what's used internally and in the config, for example "fly", the check description is what's printed out, for example "Fly / Illegal Movement"
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Recent Reviews

  1. MarkVR
    Version: 0.21.2
  2. ZhenjaMax
    Version: 0.21.2
    Good working anticheat
  3. Porkchop
    Version: 0.21.2
    This anticheat has many false positives, i am using it on my server and players get flagged for doing normal activities every once in awhile, such as towering up, going down a ladder, jumping etc.
  4. BertuGarangou
    Version: 0.21.2
    Best of Anticheats, nearly no configuration needs to be changed but you can customize it anyways!
  5. Rodo20
    Version: 0.21.2
    Honnestly the most simple but still best overall blocker for all the common hacks. Love it.

    Its easy to understand violation reports. Shows all the necesarry information.

    Hacks are effectely blocked.

    False positives havent been a issue for me. Have been able to use this on survival server without people ever noticing.

    And its free. Simply thanks for this!
  6. Auzzie
    Version: 0.21.2
    Love the Plugin! Though I did go throught the code and changed the kick to a ban. Do this by changing "Minecraft:Kick" to Minecraft:Ban!
  7. imAverageNoob
    Version: 0.21.2
    Fly @ NCP mode can easily bypass this plugins. I just got kicked from my own server for "Disabled it"? I don't know, I'm just building a house for the server spawn, but it kicked me!
    If you need a good AC, try out NCP forks as these plugins are optimized and far more better than NCP, while decreasing the chance of false positives.
    (P/S: I tried 1.14, 1.15 but it worked bad)
  8. CoolGuy8892
    Version: 0.21.2
    Author should make this plugin open-source as the plugin isn't in a usable state and they don't have time to work on it.
  9. EdTheBed
    Version: 0.21.2
    Many false positives (Version 1.15.2
    I would not recommend this plugin as it lags your server for no reason.
    (a 3g server with a good CPU with barely any plugins on it)
  10. sleepylessons
    Version: 0.21.2
    Wither AC is fantastic if you just want some decent basic anti-cheat. It's lightweight and highly configurable per-cheat. You can set global options and then override those global options for each cheat. I mainly use it as a way to prevent speed abuse, and it's rock solid as long as you spend a little time tinkering with the settings.