Wither Slayer 3.2

Adds wither skulls to the server!(Requires add-on)

  1. redo of parts of the plugin and a new config layout.

    Warning! This update will require a deletion of the config or it will mess up mostlikely.

    This update finally stores and reloads the prefixes the way they should so they arent temporarely till server reload. It stores it into a temp file and the config. The config is automaticly updated depending on multi setting and who kills it.(No worries about this i tested and should work properly).

    Combining this plugin with dragon slayer will set your name as:

    [pex prefix]YourName [dragonslayer] [witherslayer] To combat this incase you use both im working on a plugin that intergrates both plugins to allow 3 suffixes to be set where either 1 or 2 will be used depending on the setting.

    In the future i may look into using essentials chat to achieve this suffix and make it alot cleaner.
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