Wither Slayer 3.2

Adds wither skulls to the server!(Requires add-on)

  1. 1.9 update

    This updates the skull giver to your choosing.

    Config add-on:

    giveskull: true
    As far as i know 1.9 has no skull drop with the wither but was a long time coming update anyway :)
  2. bug fix

    Just a small bug fix
  3. Prefix becomes a prefix!

    This update finally brings the strange prefix to the place it should be, infront of any permissionsEX or groupmanager prefix.

    This prefix works without a chat plugin or should but cannot be used with some chat affecting plugins such as skywars as they will take it away.

    Place changing will come when i got time for it but im currently working on a crates plugin to allow multiple crates and each its own reward system.
  4. Added option for multislayer.

    This update doesnt change much except adds the option for "off" in the multislayer incase the way the prefix is setup after slayering the wither is setup annoys you..

    Im working on a fix for the chat prefix output but may take some time so to combat it i thought an off option would work.
  5. creeper-wither

    Made a faulty error where the testmob was still a creeper rather then a wither, appoligies.
  6. redo of parts of the plugin and a new config layout.

    Warning! This update will require a deletion of the config or it will mess up mostlikely.

    This update finally stores and reloads the prefixes the way they should so they arent temporarely till server reload. It stores it into a temp file and the config. The config is automaticly updated depending on multi setting and who kills it.(No worries about this i tested and should work properly).

    Combining this plugin with dragon slayer...
  7. This update adds permissions to the reload

    Adds permission related to /wither reload.