Withered 1.4.8

Guns | Grenades | JetPacks | Destruction | Gamemode based on games like Arma and GTA

  1. Math0424
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    !For best expierence use a bungeecord server!

    Withered is a game mode were you enter into a large world, gather resources, get money, and fight for power over each other.

    Withered isn't like a normal game mode, it's meant to take up an entire world were players can join in in a large map and fight in a large war for resources. Similarly to another gamemode called Wasted

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    Other plugins:
    Gun Game logo.png
    - Simple fast paced gun miniGame

    Coming soon:
    Withered: Arena
    - battle royale
    Withered: Control
    - capture the flag

    Servers using Withered:
    - Example.Server.com

    - just ask to get yours added I would really love to see someone's server here


    Use version 1.3.7 for 1.13


    • Highly Configurable
    • Loot chests

    • - there are more grenades then featured here
      Custom Explosive System
    • Weapons
      • this can be customized to whatever you want
    • Cars
    • Money

    • [*]- and yes you can add your own structures
    • Shopkeepers
    • Bankers
    • Shields
    • Jetpacks
    • speedboots
    • Nukes
    • Stats
    • Squads
    • Full autocomplete

    Commands and permissions.png

    description: Use all withered squad commands
    description: general squad commands
    description: ability to create squads
    description: use all admin commands
    description: use the give commands
    description: set points for events
    description: set spawn points for vehicles
    description: reload the worlds from the backup file
    description: use the spawning commands

    use setup.png

    Below is a basic map with basic settings to run a game of withered
    1. download the plugin and run it
    2. stop the server and move the files where they are supposed to be
    3. move the data files into the Withered data files
    4. copy the world file into the server and into the backup world folder
    5. start the server

    Tutorial (outdated)

    Starter Pack
    basic setup
    small fun map


    Note: This plugin is entirely free and I hope it stays that way! so donations would be greatly appreciated


    Found a bug? report it on the discord, not the ratings.
    Some basic how to bug report on the discord

Recent Updates

  1. Better squads
  2. Resourcepack changes
  3. Rocket changes

Recent Reviews

  1. OnyxianSoul
    Version: 1.4.1
    Wow man, looks awesome, good job developing it, and nice ideas! I'll try to use this on my network as soon as i can
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Sounds great, and if you want to I can also add the IP to the list.
  2. Stattx
    Version: 1.3.7
    A++ The Developer is Awesome! cant say that about many plugins! He is bringing new features soon! it works out of the box with the free setup! cant wait for 1.14+ support i know he is working towards it!
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review Its all set now hope you enjoy ; )
  3. ComfortableAndy
    Version: 1.3.1
    This plugin very very nice!!!!!!!!! Does this plugin have a texture pack????????
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Yes. If you join the game it will prompt you if you want to install it. Its fully configurable in the config file
  4. sauronbreeze
    Version: 1.2.6
    This game plugin is really fun, it gives me a different experience, the plugin works really well, I like it.
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear that you enjoy the plugin! If you like that one you may like my other plugin I just released Withered: Gun Game.
  5. Killer123451
    Version: 1.2.2
    Its Seems A great project However i would like to ask if there is a zombie mode + guns mode when the game will be pve players not damage each other but there are zombies and giant zombies [spawn allot ]
    i hope you can add this as a suggestion and i wish you make it real !
    and pls add support for QualityArmorry Pluign :D
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      My current plan is to finish and polish the GameMode, QualityArmory support will come later since adding support for the plugin at this point would be a massive undertaking. As for the other suggestions they have been added.
  6. jbesana
    Version: 1.2.2
    Your plugin is good we are using as a minigame on our server that has clans and such it is like RUST on minecraft
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Thats great to hear! Im currently working on some cool new featured that I think everyone will enjoy
  7. vy_vu
    Version: 1.1.4
    It's great, the author is developing new features
    I recommend it!
    a great minigame
  8. DavidTheAnimator
    Version: 1.0.4
    Great plugin, absolutely feature packed. We have had lots of fun playing this, and I cannot wait to see what Math does with this in the future!
  9. vy_vu
    Version: 1.0.1
    please add 1.12 support
    very good plugin
    good idea
    1. Math0424
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great review, but on your comment about 1.12 support. 1.12 support is not planned, if you currently are running a 1.12 server you will most likely update to 1.13. Not to mention that since I built the code upon 1.13 downgrading would seem counterintuitive.