Withered 1.4.9

Guns | Grenades | JetPacks | Destruction | Gamemode based on games like Arma and GTA

  1. Killstreaks update

    Added killstreaks and better hat colors for squads along with better autocomplete
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  2. Better squads

    Changed the internals of squads, now added helmets that will change according to your squads and will allow to easier identify friend/foe, Oh, and some car changes

    No squad
    With squad (random color)
  3. Resourcepack changes

    The plugin will now auto-update clients that have an out of date resource pack

    Other changes include better tracer rounds and more bug fixes
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  4. Rocket changes

    +Added texture for tracker rocket

    +Changed how the tracker rocket works, it will now trace a red line to the target.

    +minor bug fixes
  5. Added zombies mode!

    Re-added zombies mode and fixed a few bugs including scopes not working correctly.
    Transporter guns will also now carry a players momentum when teleporting

    Small update but hope you enjoy.
  6. Shield fixes and improvements

    Anti-personnel shields will now damage players as they enter them

    The teleporting of the teleport gun will now work a lot better.

    Other minor bug fixes to do with offline players
  7. New gun and some bug fixes

    Added a new gun, the teleporter!
    This was suggested on the discord and if you have an idea to add please feel free to drop on in!

    + Minor bug fixes
    + Teleport gun
  8. Bug fixes

    Another update this one brings some bugfixes and new stuff

    fixed floating drop crates
    fixed deployables not being able to be picked up by squads members

    Also the world starter pack has been updated to reflect the new changes to the plugin
  9. Minor fixes

    Fixed update checker not working as intended. It should no longer say that an update is available when you are on the latest version
  10. Major update and news for 1.14

    Hello, this is one of the biggest updates to the plugin internally.
    Tons of new things were added; tons of things were changed.
    I really hope you enjoy the new update I bring you.
    If you have an older version of the plugin it is recommended that you delete all the files, for stuff like ChestData you can copy and paste the old folder in the new position

    I have put a lot of effort into this plugin and don't want to make it a paid plugin so donations are always welcome

    If you...
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