Withered 1.8.2

Guns | Grenades | JetPacks | Destruction | Gamemode based on games like Arma and GTA

  1. Minor fix

    Fix bug with creating fresh files
  2. Big bugfixing and optimizations

    Fixed a few bugs related to structures crashing in 1.15
    Hacking time now reflects correctly
    Car locations and other important locations are now loaded
    Server thread will no longer crash

    Also added a PayPal link if you want to donate!
  3. Bugfixes

    Fixed a bug were carLocations went saving
    Fixed a bug were playerdata would error out
    Fixed a bug were the plugin will throw an error on exit
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  4. Bugfixes

    PlayerData now saves in individual files
    Mech suits have been broken and mostly disabled due to a TinyProtocol bug, will hopefully be back next update!
  5. Car fixes

    Fixed cars instantly accelerating
    Fixed cars not respecting roadblocks
  6. Bugfixes

    Fixed cars crashing the server
    Fixed endgamediamond not working as intended
    Fixed events erroring
  7. Minor Patch

    Fixed a few minor issues biggest being
    - Structures can now be placed in survival
  8. Major update!

    This update contains a whole recode of the plugin

    Notable changes are
    Better physics
    Better cars
    Better looting
    Better structures
    Better guns
    Better grenades

    If you found a bug report it on the discord!
    Texture pack updates are coming, yes i know one or two textures are missing

    To get started right away add the plugin to your world and type
    `/witheredsetup world overridewithdefault`
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  9. Unfortunate news

    After a bit of consideration, I've decided to push back the release date by a couple of days, sorry. some last-minute bugs have appeared. I do not want to release an unfinished/buggy product. Check the discord for update information and sneak peeks
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  10. Get ready...

    The next major 1.15 update is slated to release by the end of this month

    This update brings an entire recode to the plugin and lots of new stuff

    Check out the discord for more information, updates, questions, and suggestions!
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