WolfGalaxy-Hub 2015-11-08

Epic Hub Plugin | You can Download this plugin

  1. TheSetron
    /Wg Reload | Reload where all not lag.
    /op | ops can see plugins, op players or give ranks.
    /Pl | The owner can see Plugins
    /Hat | Open a chest with blocks if you click and a block you get the block on your head
    /Fw (How many) | You can do a firework spawning

    Full hunger for ever. | No config
    can't hack. | You can do, so The plugin say the player hack in the chat in Config
    FeatherBoard are in the plugin. | Config
    Speed 2 | You can stop the speed 2 in config
    Firework | there are Config

    More Coming

    the plugin is 43% done

    You cant Donwload this plugin