WolfyUtilities | Core plugin API [1.13.2 - 1.14.4]

Utils and APIs: Config, Language and Inventory API, Protection Utils: WorldGuard, LWC, PlotSquared

  1. JSON Config support & Added basic MySQL

    Before reading the changelog, I just want to inform you that this WolfyUtilities update won't be compatible with the old CustomCrafting versions!
    There will be a CustomCrafting update in the next minutes which needs this update to work.

    • Added JSON file format support to the configs. Wrapper Config which allows for easily implementation of json or yaml.
    • Removed some unnecessary Metrics.
    • Added serialization/deserialization of ItemStack with Base64 (This is used to save items in Json)
    • Languages are also compatible with Json now.
    • Fixed some bugs with players opening GUIs
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