WolfyUtilities | Core plugin API [1.13.2 - 1.14.4]

Utils and APIs: Config, Language and Inventory API, Protection Utils: WorldGuard, LWC, PlotSquared

  1. Fixed Custom Durability

    • Fixed the bug where items with custom durability didn't break and instead the durability got negative.
  2. Bug Fix

    Fixed dragging items across inventories is being blocked erverywhere.
  3. Rewritten GUI management & new Utils

    • Rewritten the whole GUI sytem. It now uses buttons to more easily manage GUIs.
    • Added ItemBuilder class (still WIP)
    • Added Inventory Utils and randomCollection for creating probability lists with weight.
    • Fixed bugs with configs.
  4. Bug Fixes, improvements & custom durability

    • Added the possibility to add custom durability to ItemStacks (WIP)
    • Improved Gui handling. (lower chance of errors when opening GUIs and switch them)

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed WolfyUtilities Main-Config. (got saved in the wrong path)
    • Fixed...
  5. Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the bug where the lore of an item didn't get loaded.
  6. Bug fixes

    • Fixed the loading of items out of json
  7. JSON Config support & Added basic MySQL

    Before reading the changelog, I just want to inform you that this WolfyUtilities update won't be compatible with the old CustomCrafting versions!
    There will be a CustomCrafting update in the next minutes which needs this update to work.

    • Added JSON file format support to the configs. Wrapper Config which allows for easily implementation of json or yaml.
    • Removed some unnecessary Metrics.
  8. Bug fix for CustomCrafting

    • Last update didn't work with CustomCrafting... Now it works again!
  9. Bug Fixes & Metrics

    • Added Metrics
    • Made the use of ClickEvent and HoverEvent inside of ChatAction messages easier.
    • Fixed bugs in getting Items out of Config
  10. Language improvements & Translate Items

    This update is necessary for the upcoming CustomCrafting update!

    • Improved the language key replacement system
    • Added translate tags for Items saved in configs.
      • Display name: $language_key$
      • Lore: prefix +...