WonderBox 1.0

Adds GUI "Box" Menus which can be accessed in different ways!

  1. miner328
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    WonderBox is a plugin that adds many new "box" menus for more gameplay. For example you can open up a menu which you can put items into like a trashcan, and they will be gone forever, or a backpack like an enderchest which you can access by command, but with a downside.

    - Disposal:
    A trashcan like box to place your junk items into so they won't reappear. Items disposed cannot be accessed again.
    - Box:
    A menu to buy a cool sword for gold ingots. Item is bought from server, not a real player.
    - Backpack:
    A portable inventory like an enderchest which can be accessed with a simple command. After a server reload, all item metadata (name, lore, enchantments) will be removed from the items inside.

    - /Wonderbox [page]
    Shows plugin info.
    Pages = [Author,Commands,Signs,Permissions,Boxes]
    Aliases: /[wonderbox,wonder,wonderinfo]
    - /Backpack
    Opens a personal backpack
    - /Disposal
    Opens a menu to dispose items
    - /Box
    Opens a menu to buy a sword for gold

    Signs open up menus. Line 1 = the text to type on the first line of the sign

    - Box:
    Line 1 = [TradeBox]
    - Disposal:
    Line 1 = [DisposalBox]
    - Backpack
    Line 1 = [Backpack]
    - Workbench
    Line 1 = [CraftBox]

    - wonderbox.info (/wonderbox)
    - wonderbox.box (/box)
    - wonderbox.disposal (/disposal)
    - wonderbox.backpack (/backpack)
    the nodes with .createsign let you create a sign of this type
    - wonderbox.createsign.box (Box)
    - wonderbox.createsign.disposal (Disposal)
    - wonderbox.createsign.backpack (Backpack)
    - wonderbox.createsign.craft (Workbench)
    the nodes with .sign let you open a box of the sign of this type
    - wonderbox.sign.box (Box)
    - wonderbox.sign.disposal (Disposal)
    - wonderbox.sign.backpack (Backpack)
    - wonderbox.sign.craft (Workbench)

    Sign Line Example (Disposal)

    Other Info:
    Offical WonderBox Server IP: nitrocraft.mygs.co
    Project Creator: miner328 | Minecraft username: CaptainEvstike
    Support?: Send an application with your question at www.ncfactions.weebly.com or post on this resource.

    YouTube Channel: Evstike Productions

    Backpack Inventory