Wool Party - Bringing color to drop parties!! WoolParty 1.2

A new and colorful way to have drop parties on your server!

  1. BladeFireTurtle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Looking for a fresh new way to host drop parties on your server? Well then this is the plugin for you! WoolParty adds a splash of colour to your server with highly customisable drop parties. Drop parties take place on a woolen party floor once the party chests have received the predetermined number of items (or by an admin command, see config file below). During a party items popup at random locations across the floor and change the colour of the wool underneath them depending on the items value. This plugin uses a tier system that allows you to set custom tiers so that you can have as many different colours as you want!

    • Easy to setup!
    • Items change the colours of the woolen party floor depending on value! - It can get very colourful!
    • Ban boring items from the drop parties such as dirt - We only want the best!
    • Item name and enchantment support
    • Fully customisable tier system that allows you to set as many different colours as you like!
    • Woolen floor goes back to its normal colour (configurable of course ;)) when an item is picked up!
    • 4 Different start methods/conditions - Including an admin force start!
    • Configure join and leave messages!
    • Configurable party time - You can make it as crazy as you like!
    • Build as many party input chests as you like! - We'll get to party creation/setup in a second;)
    • Configure how many items drop at once
    • Permissions for all commands
    • Any stored items get saved if the server stops so that they can be automatically reloaded next start.
    • Config reload command
    • Clear current parties items command
    • Party floor block creation/destroy protection

    - /woolparty can be shortened to /wp
    • /woolparty start- Force starts a wool party!
    • /woolparty create - Creates the wool party region!
    • /woolparty remove- Removes the wool party
    • /woolparty clear- Clears any stored party items
    • /woolparty reload - Reload the config File!


    • woolparty.* - Gives all WoolParty permissions
    • woolparty.reload - Use the WoolParty reload command to reload the config file. (Default OP only command)
    • woolparty.clear - Use the WoolParty clear command to clear the stored party items log file. (Default OP only command)
    • woolparty.create- Use the WoolParty create command to create a wool party region. (Default OP only command)
    • woolparty.remove - Use the WoolParty remove command to remove an existing wool party. (Default OP only command)
    • woolparty.start- Use the WoolParty start command to force start a party regardless of whether the start conditions are met. (Default OP only command)
    • woolparty.build- Ability to bypass the anti break/build protection of an existing party (Default OP only command)

    Todo list:

    • Fix bug with block protection - Done!
    • Fix minor bug with item pickup - Done!
    • Add a chance for a prize to spawn as a coloured sheep
    • Add sound effects upon item pickup
    • Add a command to open the input chest/GUI
    • Configurable fireworks on party start/finish
    • Remove worldedit dependency - Done!
    • Nothing else as of yet - Be sure to let me know if you have any ideas!

    Party Setup:
    Step 1 - Party Floor Creation:

    First a woolen party floor must be created. I recommend using WorldEdit for this as its super quick. The default floor colour is white however this can be changed in the config file. I also suggest you make your party floor a lot bigger than the one I've made below!

    Step 2 - Defining The Party Region:
    Now that a party floor has been made you need to select it. To do this use the Wool Party selection wand (/wp wand) and select a bottom corner of the floor and then at least one block above the floor on the opposite corner - I recommend selecting more than one above the floor as this will stop any join/leave messages from spamming.

    *Note: This plugin previously used worldedit wand for selections so the above video instruction is inaccurate! Use /wp wand!!!!!

    Step 3 - Creating Item Input Chests:
    Now it time to place the input items chest(s). These must be placed one block outside the regions X and Z coordinates but can be anywhere within the party region's Y value. In this case I have made the chests level with the floor (Same Y value as the floor). I've also added a bit of stonebrick to spruce things up a little bit.

    Step 4 - Getting the party started!:

    Items can now be placed in the input chests. Depending on what start methods have been set, a party can now begin. Enjoy! :D
    Configuration Help:

    Detailed configuration help is included in the config file itself:
    Code (Text):
    #Wool Party Configuration File

    #Party Start Methods - What causes the party to start?
    #Type -1 to disable a start method - Disabling all methods will mean parties can only start upon command while having all methods
    #enabled will mean that all conditions will need to be met before the party starts, not just one.

    # Whats the minimum number of items that need to be stored before the party will start?
    # NOTE: This is the number of individual stacks put in the chest (i.e: a stack of 64 diamonds would still only count as one item)
    Number_Of_Items: 100

    # How many players need to be online for a party to be able to start?
    Number_Of_Online_Players: 5

    # How many items of one type need to be stored before the party will start?
    Number_Of_Trigger_Item: 15
    Trigger_Item: DIAMOND

    # Should the player get sent a message each time they leave/enter the wool party area?
    # To disable the join/leave messages write: none
    Party_Enter_Message: You just entered the wool party!
    Party_Leave_Message: none

    #Should any items not be allowed in the party? - Helpful for stopping rubbish items like dirt, this important if you haven't set a trigger item!
    - DIRT
    - SAND

    #After the start conditions are met how long should people wait before the party starts? - Gives players time to come to the party.
    #NOTE: Time measured in seconds (60 seconds = 1 minute)
    Starter_Count_Down: 60

    #How long should the party go for? This sets the maximum time for the party and therefore how fast the items have to spawn.
    #It is important to balance out this time with the number of party items - a long party with few items would be boring, while a short party
    #with too many items would be too crazy (and possibly laggy).
    #NOTE: Time measured in seconds (60 seconds = 1 minute)
    Total_Party_Time: 300

    #Should multiple items spawn at a time?
    #NOTE: This number must be smaller than the total number of items in the party
    Number_Of_Items_Each_Spawn: 3

    #What colours of wool should be used for each different item type?
    #If you don't want to use different colours set the number of tiers to zero and set the default colour

    #What coloured wool is the party floor normally?
    Floor_Wool_Colour: WHITE

    #Used for any items not specified to a colour
    Default_Wool_Colour: BROWN

    #Changes the number of tiers, if you change this you will have to manually add/remove the Tier_#_Colour: and Tier_#_Items: settings
    #(replace # with the tier number) and also change the Number_Of_Tiers setting to match the new number
    #NOTE: Be careful, adding many tiers has the possibility of producing lag
    Number_Of_Tiers: 3

    #What wool colour should represent each tier
    Tier_1_Colour: PURPLE
    Tier_2_Colour: RED
    Tier_3_Colour: YELLOW

    #What items should be in each tier? Any items not specified in a tier will be the default wool colour
    #Use the material names specified on this plugins spigot page. NOTE: Make sure you don't have items in more then one tier!
    - BEACON

    - SADDLE
    - ANVIL

    - BANNER
    - POTION
    - IRON_AXE
    - IRON_HOE
    - IRON_ORE

    #What should happen if a player tries to drop an item while in the party region? NOTE: Only enable one!
    #Should items dropped in the party region be destroyed? - Helpful for quickly getting rid of bad items during a party
    Destroy_Dropped_Items: true

    #Should players be blocked from dropping items in the party region? - Will force players to leave party room to empty
    #their invent - Helpful to stop players getting too greeedy!
    #NOTE: This setting may appear glitchy to players becuase in order for it to work it stops them from being able to even click on thier items
    Block_Item_Dropping: false

    #Plugin created by BladeFireTurtle.
    #Thank you for downloadind, I hope you and your players enjoy it! :)

    You are not allowed to decompile this plugin unless you really, really want to.
    You are not allowed to change the Source-Code unless you have a good idea.

    You are not authorized sell or distribute this plugin because I'm already doing that.
    You are only allowed to use this plugin for your server or anyone else's.

    If you run into any issues at all don't hesitate to contact me and I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Please don't leave a negative review on my plugin based on any issues/bugs you've had, its hard to test for everything and it would be more helpful to everyone if you contact me and let me fix it! :)

    If I've helped you and you would like to show your appreciation, you may buy me a coffee because that's what I love.


    *No sheep were harmed in the making of this plugin.

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