WooMinecraft - Donation Plugin 1.3.0

A Free Minecraft Donations Plugin which leverages WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. Feature Release - Updated for 1.11 - Removed 1.7 Builds

    Some decent updates on this end.
    • Added - Redirect Exceptions for sending/receiving data from the server. You will now get an exception if your host is redirecting the requests in most cases.
    • Added - Debug logging specifically for HTTP requests. Just set debug: true in your config.
    • Added - Exception handling for sending order updates to server. Will now throw exceptions if plugin receives invalid data.
    • Added - World white-listing, props FabioZumbi12 - disabled by default
    • Added - Clarification around server key, props spannerman79
    • Updated - HTTP Requests now use CloseableHttpClient and CloseableHttpResponse so connections will now close, not sure if they weren't before.
    • Removed - Support for MC 1.7.10

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    Note: you can clone the project and still build for 1.7.10 if you wish ( that's why it's opensource )
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