WooMinecraft - Donation Plugin 1.1.1

A Free Minecraft Donations Plugin which leverages WordPress and WooCommerce

  1. Bugfix Release

    • Fixed - #137 - Removed missing commands from help message.
    • Fixed - #130 - Commands not processing due to new white-list worlds config being commented out.

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  2. Feature Release - Updated for 1.11 - Removed 1.7 Builds

    Some decent updates on this end.
    • Added - Redirect Exceptions for sending/receiving data from the server. You will now get an exception if your host is redirecting the requests in most cases.
    • Added - Debug logging specifically for HTTP requests. Just set debug: true in your config.
    • Added - Exception handling for sending order updates to server. Will now throw exceptions if plugin receives invalid data....
  3. Hotfix Release

  4. Maintenance Release

    • Better error handling from WordPress
    • Make use of the debug: true flag in the config.
    • Code cleanup, removed unused libs, removed commented code.
    • Added config validation for users coming from older versions - will now throw exceptions if your config is not setup properly and will stop the check. - Should fix #111 #110 and...
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  5. Maintenance Release - Debugging Updates

    This release is a small maintenance release. Recently I've been getting tickets about improperly formed json, but nothing more in the error. So this release now prints a full stack trace, which will allow me to track down the culprit.

    • Prints stacktraces on JSON error to log.
    • Updated Readme.md file to reflect supported bukkit versions.