Word Match 0.1

A game to help anyone learn any language

  1. BlueBukkitDev
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.18
    This plugin was designed for a specific server and thus, currently very little about it is configurable. Configurable displays will be available in the future.


    This is a very user-friendly game, both in setup and in play. Setting up the list of words in the config.yml can take a while, but once you're ready to build your game board, just place down signs however you want them (literally any way you want them to be) and use the command /wm create <ID>, and you will be prompted to select a list from the config file. This allows you to have multiple lists of words (for instance, a list of verbs, a list of nouns, a list of letters or characters, etc) and select which one this particular board will be a part of.
    The whole process is quick and intuitive, with information being laid out in-game every step of the way.
    After selecting the list to be referenced, you will right-click which sign will display the "question", or the word to be translated. After that, select as many answer signs as you want (note, they do have to be within 2 blocks of the question sign). The following image shows the available range in a 3D perspective with an example on the nearby wall.
    The shroomlight, in this case, represents the "question" sign.

    After setup, you're ready to play! Simply right-click the question sign to join a game, then select a difficulty level. If the difficulty is not selected within 3 seconds, the board is reset. This helps prevent trolls from hogging the game.
    After selecting a difficulty, the game will begin. On easy mode you have around 4.5 seconds to select your translation, on hard mode you have around 1.5. Medium is around 3. A missed selection is counted in the final score as incorrect, but if you get 3 misses in a row, the game is reset with no grade determined and no score recorded. This is also to prevent trolls from hogging the game, as well as to handle disconnects from poor internet connections or power outages. This allows other users to join the game shortly after it was abandoned.

    After the game is complete (20 questions, will be configurable later), your score is calculated and recorded in the stats.yml file, and your grade is displayed. There is a bug where it will tell you that you got an F, even though you got a different grade. This will be fixed in the next update. Your average over the last 20 games is also recorded. There will be commands to access and display the stats of other players in the future.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me from my Spigot profile.
    I have left Discord, and will no longer be active there indefinitely.