WordGames+ 1.4

Have you ever been sad because of a boring chat? Don't be! WordGames+ makes the chat happy!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Tassu, Draycia
    Have you ever been sad because of a boring chat where no one talks in? Well, don't be! Because now there is WordGames+!

    WordGames+ is not the first plugin I made, since I have been making custom plugins for some servers for quite a while, but it is the first plugin that is being released to the public. WordGames+ makes the chat way more exciting and fun by adding fun word-guessing games.

    Current features:
    1. Three different wordgame types:
      1. Hover. Hover with your mouse over a word and type it as fast as possible to win.
      2. Reorder. A word has been derrdoere. The players now have to guess the right word to win.
      3. Unmute. A word has partially been *ute*. The players now have to guess the right word to win.
      4. Timed. Everyone that says the specified word within a configured amount of seconds wins. Players can only win once per game.
      5. Calculate. Calculate the answer of a randomly generated calculation to win. The answer has to be a full number.
    2. Highly configurable.
    3. Automatically starts wordgames.
    4. Automatically stops wordgames when nobody guesses the right word in a reasonable amount of time.
    5. Has colour support and all messages are configurable.
    6. Can be used as a great donation perk.
    Planned features:
    1. BungeeCord Multichat support. I have no idea where to start, and not that much time to work on it. So, if you know how to implement it, please contribute to the project on GitHub :)
    • wordgames.stop To be able to stop all playing games.
    • wordgames.reload To be able to reload the plugin.
    • wordgames.list To be able to list all playing games.
    • wordgames.update To recieve a warning message when a plugin update is available.
    • wordgames.play To be able to play all game types.
      • wordgames.play.reorder To be able to play the reorder type.
      • wordgames.play.hover To be able to play the hover type.
      • wordgames.play.unmute To be able to play the unmute type.
      • wordgames.play.timed To be able to play the timed type.
      • wordgames.play.calculate To be able to play the calculate type.
    • wordgames.start To be able to start all game types.
      • wordgames.start.reorder To be able to start the reorder type.
      • wordgames.start.hover To be able to start the hover type.
      • wordgames.start.unmute To be able to start the unmute type.
      • wordgames.start.timed To be able to start the timed type.
      • wordgames.start.calculate To be able to start the calculate type.
    • wordgames.start.disabled To be able to start games that have been disabled in the config. Not included in wordgames.start.
    Note that if a player does not have play permissions, they will still be able to see all messages of the games.

    • /wordgames help To show a list of commands with explanation.
    • /wordgames reload To reload the configuration.
    • /wordgames stop To stop all currently playing games.
    • /wordgames list To show all currently playing games. This is a utility command for moderators and/or administrators.
    • /wordgames reorder <word> [number] <reward> To start a game of the type 'reorder'.
    • /wordgames hover <word> [number] <reward> To start a game of the type 'hover'.
    • /wordgames unmute <word> [number] <reward> To start a game of the type 'unmute'.
    • /wordgames timed <word> [number] <reward> To start a game of the type 'timed'
    • /wordgames calculate [number] <reward> To start a game of the type 'calculate'
    Code (YAML):
    #Need help with the configuration? There is a detailed explanation on https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/wordgames.33080/
    # General Settings #
     # Whether the game should automatically be stopped after er certain amount of time. Does not apply to TimedGame.
    : false
    : 2750
      #This is the command that will be executed once someone won.
    : "give {username} {reward} {amount}"
      #rewardCommandSyntax: "money give {username} {amount}" - You could also use this to give money instead.
      #Amount of games that can play at the same time. Set to 0 to remove the limit.
    : 1
       #The wait between each game and/or each message.
    : 900
    : true
    : true
    : true
    : true
        #This is how many percent of the characters should be muted in the unmute game type.
    : 25
    : true
        #This is how many seconds the users have to type the word in the timed game type.
    : 10

    # autoStart settings #
    # If enabled, this will automatically start minigames.
    : false
      #Amount of players that should be online for the autostart to run.
    : 4
      #All possible rewards the autostart will use. The syntax should be [amount] <reward>
       - "diamond"
        - "ironingot"
        - "4 ironingot"
        - "egg"
        - "itemframe"
        - "painting"
        - "beacon"
        - "spawn_egg:120"
      #All the possible words the autostart will use.
       - "WordGames+"
        - "insertCode"
        - "Minecraft"
        - "enderman"
        - "enderdragon"
        - "creeper"
        - "spider"
        - "bookshelf"
        - "redstone"
        - "elytra"
        - "pufferfish"
        - "enchanted"
        - "apocalypse"
        - "nether"
        - "homework"
        - "administrator"
        - "alpaca"
        - "message"
        - "player"
        - "another"
        - "word"
    Code (YAML):
    # Language config #
    # Change the language settings here.

    : "{plugin}&a reloaded!"

    #Under the variables part, you can change what "{plugin}" gets replaced with.
    : "&6[&cWordGames+&6]&r"
      #This is what will replace "{word}" in the hover game type.
    : "&athis"

    : "{plugin} &2The WordGame has ended without a winner. The correct word was: &a{word}&2."
        - "{plugin} &2Reorder the following letters to make a word
    : &a{word}&2."
        - "{plugin} &2Reward
    : &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
        - "
    {plugin} &2Unmute the following word: &a{word}&2."
        - "{plugin} &2Reward
    : &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
        - "
    {plugin} &2Hover with your mouse over &a{word}&2 word and type &2it as fast as possible!"
        - "
    {plugin} &2Reward: &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
          - "
    {plugin} &2Quick! Everyone that types &a{word}&2 within &a{seconds} seconds&2, wins a reward!"
          - "
    {plugin} &2Reward: &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
        gameWon: "
    {plugin} &2Congratulations! You typed the word in time. Here is your reward."
        stop: "
    {plugin} &2The &a{seconds} seconds&2 are over now. Congratulations to everyone that won!"
        - "
    {plugin} &2What is &a{word}&2? Do not forget to round the answer to whole numbers."
        - "
    {plugin} &2Reward: &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
      gameWon: "
    {plugin} &a{player}&2 has won by guessing the right word: &a\"{word}\"&2! Reward: &a{amount}x {reward}&2!"
          - "
    {plugin} &2All currently playing games:"
          - "
    {plugin} &2---<&aPLAYING GAMES&2>---"
        suffix: "
    {plugin} &2---<&aPLAYING GAMES&2>---"
      stop: "
    {plugin} &4All WordGames have been stopped."

      gameDisabled: "
    {plugin} &4Error! This game type is disabled!"
      noGamesEnabled: "
    {plugin} &4Error! autoStart requires at least one game to be enabled!"
      noPlayPermissions: "
    {plugin} &4Congratulations! You guessed the right word! Unfortunately you do not have the permissions to participate in this particular wordgame type."
      noPermissions: "
    {plugin} &4You do not have the permissions to execute that command."
      typeNotFound: "
    {plugin} &4Error 404: Type not found! Usage: /wordgame <help>"
      wrongInput: "
    {plugin} &4Syntax error. Usage: /wordgame <help>"
      notPlaying: "
    {plugin} &4It isn't possible to stop something that isn't there!"
      configWrong: "
    {plugin} &4Something went wrong in the configuration. If you need help fixing it, please contact insertCode on Spigot."
      tooManyGames: "
    {plugin} &4You cannot create any more games."


    Known Issues
    • Older versions of ChatControl don't seem to work well with WordGames. If you experience any issues and use ChatControl, be sure to update it to the latest version available here.
    Q: I am having some difficulty setting the plugin up. Can you help me?
    A: Ofcourse! Please contact me and I will help you.
    Q: I found a bug! What can I do?
    A: Please contact me and I will do my best to fix it
    Q: Could you please add this feature I really like?
    A: Ofcourse I can! Please contact me and I will add it for you
    Q: Will there be any updates?
    A: I'll do my best to fix any bugs or add any requested features, but I'm currently not planning any other updates
    Q: Should I rate this plugin?
    A: You'd make me really happy if you did!
    Q: Which servers are using this plugin?
    A: Here is a small list. If you want to see your server here, please send me your IP address.

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      Thanks so much for your review! ❤️
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    Version: 1.2.2
    This is awesome! But how to I use it? I have it in my plugins folder as a .jar. I have a Bukkit server.
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      Thanks for your review!

      If you are having problems setting up the plugin, please tell me how far you got in a private message so that I can help :)
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    Rlly cool!
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    Developer is awesome, great communication. Thanks so much for the mail, the new content and a great chat game.
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    great game, and creater is easy to contact, thanks for adding the extra maths game.