Workflows v1.0.4-beta

Spend less typing, get more done.

  1. DonEagle
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Plugin Description:
    This is a beta version! Don't report bugs in the review section. Instead write me a PM or use the discussion feature, thank you!
    Automate simple and repeating tasks on your Minecraft server with Workflows! Use routines to schedule certain workflows for example when a player joins or every minute. To create workflows you can use the provided editor in your browser. The editor enables you to create, update, delete and display all your workflows and routines in a beautiful and intuitive GUI.
    You can run multiple commands/actions with just one command.


    Create a workflow

    Run the workflow

    Create a routine out of the created workflow

    • Many elements to work with
      • Write a message
      • Set a variable
      • Get text input from the player
      • Wait for a certain amount of time
      • Combine texts
      • Kick a player
      • Ban a player
      • Unban/Pardon a player
      • Get the name of the player
      • Set time
      • Add to time
      • Set the weather
      • Give items to a player
      • Clear the inventory of a player
      • Set the difficulty on the server
      • Set the game mode of a player
      • Set the health of a player
      • Set the hunger level of a player
      • Execute a command as the player or server
      • Add/remove permission to player/group
      • Add/remove a player to/from group
      • And many more
    • Routines
    • Routine triggers
      • When the player joins the server
      • When the player quits the server
      • On a specified time
      • Repeating every X seconds
    • Create new workflows
    • Edit existing workflows
    • Delete workflows
    • Drag and drop in the editor
    • Variables
    Setup guide:
    1. Click on download
    2. Put the workflows.jar into the plugins folder
    3. Reload/Restart your folder
    4. Open your browser
    5. Type localhost:9000 into the search bar and press enter
    6. If you get onto the Workflows page the plugin is up and running
    7. Have fun and automate your tasks!
    • /wf run <workflow name> Runs a workflow
    • /wf list Displays a list with all workflows
    • /wf reload Reloads all workflows and routines
    • /wf cancel Cancels a running workflow
    1. workflows.command To run the /wf command
    2. To execute a workflow
    3. workflows.command.reload To run the reload command
    4. workflows.command.list To run the list command
    5. workflows.command.cancel To run the cancel command
    Soft dependencies
    • Vault (for permission & economy actions)
    How to
    1. Open your browser
    2. Type localhost:9000 into the search bar and press enter
    3. Click on New Workflow and press enter
    4. Click the elements on the left to add them to your workspace
    5. If you are finished press Save
    Some elements automatically create variables to use them later. For example, the Text input element creates a variable that holds the text that the user has typed in. But if you want to create your own variables you can create the with the Set Variable element. To find it type in the Search element bar on the left 'Set Variable' and then drag the element into your workspace in the middle. If you want to use a variable click on a field you want the variable then double click on the variable in the top bar
    On the workflows page click on the pen icon next to the workflow name
    On the workflows page click on the trash icon next to the pen icon
    1. On the Workflows page click on the blue Routines button
    2. Now on the Routines page press the New Trigger button
    3. On the popup type in the name of the trigger and below select the trigger action
    4. Click on Add
    5. On the newly created card, you can press the + button to add workflows that should be executed when this routine gets triggered
    6. Click on Save on the top!

    Please if you encounter a bug report it to me via PM or in the Discussion!
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