WorldBorder (Pure's Fork) 1.18

Efficient, feature-rich plugin for limiting and generating your worlds. Continuation of the original

  1. Update to 1.17

    Per usual, no changes were actually needed to work on 1.17. If you're seeing this in the future, download and give it a shot before asking for an update to a newer version of Minecraft!

    I took the time to modernize and improve the build tooling of WorldBorder which has simplified development and improved the ability to contribute. I welcome sensible feature suggestions and contributions!

    New Feature:

    • Ability to bypass the worldborder via permission "worldborder.allowbypass" as an alternative to the bypass list (thanks @pop4959 and @Prof_Bloodstone)
    Bug Fix:
    • An incompatibility between Java 8 and Java 9+ was resolved (thanks @pop4959)
    All functionality was tested as fully working on 1.17.
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